⏰ ❓ How long will Natty J last? - 95 days longer than he f*ing should have - that's how long

He’s been here a while, he’s had time with the squad, he’s had a fair few games in charge - and we’re in way deeper shit than when he arrived. Time for a poll perhaps?

  • He’ll be gone by the end of the week
  • He’ll be gone by the end of the month
  • He’ll be gone by the end of the season
  • He’ll be managing us in the Championship next season
  • He’ll lead us on a breathtaking run, securing our Premier League status, and be managing us next season

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Bob, I can only stand in awe at your optimism.

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Now gone. Didn’t take them long. And no, it wasn’t me.

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I find him hard to assess. I think he’s got a blind belief in what he’s doing and it’s simplistic, but, from the lack of progress during the WC break and rembering the video posted of him wired up during a training session, I’m guessing the players fairly quickly said they weren’t buying into his naïve methods. His next few games were a strange mixture of an alien hoofing game and passages more like Ralph’s style. We’re the players trying to show him what he wanted didn’t work? He kept saying the players couldn’t implement his style of play. More like wouldn’t as it was crap. Then he says he compromised too much. With what? The team playing football the way they know they can? Anyway, I’m sure he’s lost the dressing room and the fans. Not much hope.

I’m still amazed that Ouanachu was liking FB posts critical of Jones within 4 days of his arrival. What message did the new guys get on arrival? I assume Bree came because he’s desperate for support. Add in his evangelical fervour that can go with unrealistic faith in his ability and I actually think he has psychological problems.


That interview yesterday came across as incoherent, a man having a breakdown in public. I think it would be cruel to keep him in place a moment longer than is necessary.

I haven’t watched the interview, I live my life as an optimist and wouldn’t want to have to compromise if I did.
However if it’s as bad as others have said he should be put out of his misery.

The constant between 2021/2 & this season’s demise has been Selles.
Did he undermine Jones or stop utter carnage?
But IF Jones goes we need a clean break and he goes too. The players have been shit for 1.5 seasons

The dark side has rumour that this afternoon is the end and Selles will be interim for the season

Rumours of a Board meeting happening now. Probably to issue the kiss of death vote of confidence.

Get kliperty as he will be out of a job soon, or bring back Poch? (not that they would come, but hey if you dont ask?)

Where was this?


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A good thread.


It is indeed - thanks for posting it.

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He will get sacked about 6 or 7 games into next seasons championship campaign when we have shoddy start to the season. Luton will sack their manager and he will return again.

The interesting question is whether Adam would have posted that of he didn’t think Jones was going. If Jones stays, won’t be much love lost.

Stories emerging from.employee at Staplewood that there have been physical bust-ups between Selles and Jones, and JWP has told Jones he’s lost the fans and some of the dressing room. Suggested that’s where Jones was forced to “compromise” on tactics. It was the start of the week where we won three games, but then things started changing back.

That is very articulate and very unusual from a non-fan but someone so close to the Club

I think Adam knows his bridges were burnt after the Paul Doswell interview. He subsequently said on air that Jones called him out on it and told him he wasn’t impressed. If Jones doesn’t like Adam, he must fucking hate Jo Tessem! He is much more direct in his criticism.

But what he is saying and has been saying all along is only what almost all sensible observers have said.

The only thing that remains to be seen is whether SR are willing to accept their mistake, own it and pull the trigger. Premier League football is not played on a spreadsheet and ‘metrics’ only get you so far. I think a much more holistic approach is required in future, and consideration should be given to a manager’s personality as well. Because Jones carries around this chip on his shoulder and comes across as a twat every time he opens his mouth.

Whilst I would obviously back him, because the ends would justify the means, but I honestly believe I would dislike the bloke even if he’d won every single game. He’s just unlikeable and too divisive for a club whose fan base was already heavily divided towards the end of Ralph’s tenure.

SR tried to be too clever and went against the grain. It has backfired. Now I’m not saying that Dyche would have been a good fit for us, but I honestly think he was the best possible signing for Everton, even though no players arrived in January. He won’t take three months to try and get across his views and won’t try and play in an unfamiliar way to what he knows.

In summary, if Jones stays or goes, I still think we are destined for the drop. Are there any statisticians out there who can tell me whether a team has ever survived when having three permanent managers during a single season?


I can’t remember a season when so few points separated bottom three from the teams just above them. That’s the really odd thing, it actually wouldn’t take much of a turnaround in form to lift any of the bottom three out of it.