How long has Theresa May got?


We did this for David Cameron, and he wasn’t nearly in as much shit.

How long does Theresa got?

    1. Months
    1. Until 2022
    1. Years
    1. Days
    1. Weeks

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I was drinking with a couple of chaps from Conservative HQ and a journo friend of mine last night and the general consensus is that unless things get drastically worse, T May will get all the fun of dealing with Brexit then be out on her ear


I thought the Papster was a clever chappie.

This is so bloody obvious it begs the question why he asked in the first place.

Get her to take all the shit for Brexit with her cronies and then Dave can return with George to clear up the mess

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She’ll be lucky to make it past conference, who’d step up though? They’re as weak as Labour concerning the cabinet and backbenchers if not weaker, take into account the EU and they’re tied.

I love it.


I think a lot depends on what happens in the meantime. There seems to be a great deal of anger towards the Tories but her in particular. If it continues at this level I can see her out of office before Brexit is sorted.


2 years - lump all the bad shit on her, stage a coup with a more personable leader. Let Joe public get to like said leader, call election within 1 year.


A personable tory? Is there such a thing? Is there an acceptable face of ideological austerity that harms the poor more than anyone else.


You can be evil and charming at the same time - just ask the Ayatollah

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The charm of Idi Amin or Ghengis Khan is more appealing than a tory.


I’ve seen the responses here. I understand the “logic” of keeping her around until Brexit, but I don’t really buy it. The public will not thank the Tories for allowing a lame duck Remainer to handle Brexit negotiations.


Look at the election reaults @pap , you credit the public with too much

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Don’t think so. As I said before, people may not understand politics. They do understand personalities, and they certainly understand the concept of someone being set up to fail.


Any news on the Soviet :lou_wink_2:?

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Sorta. I’ve got to organise @intiniki 's capital birthday piss-up. Presently aiming for 11th August. Given that we’ve got lots of members that live in or can get to London, I think that’ll be the day we announce.


Friday piss up, first game Saturday?

Sounds good.

Edit: May will be gone in enough time for the next cunt to line up their lies, before the November 16th election. Sometime before the end of September?Her ratings are shit and getting worse and worse than shit is eating the tories up. No way are they going leave her in power. Far too embarrassing(these are people with massive egos).


There is no one waiting in the wings with the talent or charisma to take over.

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Really have no idea. I thought she would resign after the election. Then I thought she would resign after the Glenfell fire, because of the stick she received. Then I thought she would resign after they jumped in bed and agreed with DUP, or after it got voted through the queens speech.

I am really baffled by her sheer pigheadedness, I really do not think her popularity could get any lower, but she is still the PM. It seems she has support because her party do not want to risk a labour government at ALL costs. It stinks, but I can see her and her party just hanging on and on, but I suppose it has not even been a month since the election and they have fallen hard!


I reckon at some point in the near future, someone will fancy their chances that they’ve got a better chance of cheerleading this shitfest than Mrs May.

They’ll get some numptie to kick off the challenge, of course.


But will we be able to tell the difference between the numptie and the statesman-like leader-in-waiting?


Absolutely not, but that won’t stop their egos getting the better of them.

These are the same people that are heavily invested in groups like this.

“On the morning of 14 June, as the tower blazed, an organisation called the Red Tape Initiative convened for its prearranged discussion about building regulations. One of the organisation’s tasks was to consider whether rules determining the fire resistance of cladding materials should be removed for the sake of construction industry profits.”

Let’s not forget their one in three(plan to up this) out rule on regulation. Their thinking doesn’t go beyond profit and never will. If you’re poor enough to be caught up in the next oncoming avoidable disaster, tough luck. You’re poor, you’re a defect, you haven’t achieved, you’re life is considered worthless.

The only comfort is that global warming will kill them, as surely as the rest of us.

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