How early is too early to drink?

So I’m off to London with a mate tomorrow, he’s coming from Romsey and we’re meeting at Eastleigh station.

Well not true, we’re meeting at The Wagon Works pub for a breakfast at 7:30.

I know I’ll be in there with people drinking, so outside of drinking at an airport, which seems to be an exception, when is the official Sotonians drink o’clock?

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11.30am in The City seems about right, but if you’re on a jolly then who cares what time you start?


Weekday working used to be 7pm now 6pm (slightly earlier if Mrs Fatso is away)
Weekday off work 5pm
Weekend if football on and watching 12pm
Weekend if football on but not watching 5pm
Christmas, BBQs and airports exempt

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I think it depends on the drink. Us MCMOTs (Middle Class Map of Tasmanias) look down on those common folks who drink beer at airports no matter what time… usually they are badly dressed, swear like common fuckers they are and beer is usually piss Tennants lager or another such monstrosity…

So beer should only be from luncheon 1200noon onwards

Gin and Tonics from 1430

Wine with Dinner only (acres 1900)

Fine Malt at any time

Brewhound dogs piss - NEVER


What about a weekend when no football is on and you’re not watching?

And what if Christmas falls at a weekend and there is football on and you’re watching it but Mrs Fatso is out?

So even though they serve Punk IPA and it’s cheap, I should say no?

I think 7pm is the absolute minimum.

I also think “it’s gotta be at least 7pm somewhere


I’m unable to follow most of this so will just say 9am

The permitted time to start drinking is when the sun is over the yardarm - on no account should one ever drink any earlier than this. In order to establish exactly when the sun will be over the yardarm, first check your precise latitude and longitude, then refer to pap’s excellent observation regarding 7pm.


Well as you’re the earliest so far, I like you’re answer.

Although as my train leaves at 8:43 it still doesn’t give me permission.

Have a cheeky 17 minute wank.

I already am.

Every bedroom should have one. Start as you mean to go on.

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Let me know when you’re done and I’ll start mine. I’ll then hand the baton onto someone else and we can start a non stop Sotonians wankathon.

Do I have to stop after 17 minutes whether I’m done or not - you know coming, ready or not?

What have I told you about breaking into my place?

Rules are rules. Everyone and everything needs order.

It is never to early to drink as has been mentioned before when the sun is over the yard arm and that is 24/7 some where on the planet.

Done :sweat_drops:

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Good lad. I’ve started. Volunteers to go next needed or I’ll nominate