How does the up / down voting on this site actually work

How does the up / down voting on this site actually work


I’m currently enjoying mid-table mediocrity

Have no idea how I got there

Our butlers seem to have gone AWOL

Pap will be adding adverts soon and charging us a fiver for the privilege of wanking his ego by being nice to him…

Over to you


  • I have no idea
  • Pap decides if we are worthy…maybe

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If you want to be above mid-table then unfortunately you have to sleep with Pap.


Can you guarantee a top 2 finish?.

I’m not going to bend over for just any smooth talking bastard…


It’s not awful. He made me dress as Jeremy Corbyn for some reason :blush:


Who fucking down voted me!!!

I might go all Barry / Chertsey on you if you’re not careful


probably not, cause I can’t be arsed



Momentum! was the last thing I heard


I’ll shut the fuck up now :blush:


2 votes for an invite. -1 for a downvote.

I dole out badges from time to time, which also confer one-off points bonuses.


An “invite” wtf is that?

Have you been on the shandy again Pap :lou_wink:

Badges are good though.



What posters are in the negative territory then?


Liking Alan Partridge is a prerequisite for winning the league title.


Choula…you get an upvote for that…see, easy ain’t it. :lou_lol:


And a down vote easy isnt it :lou_lol:


Philip, you muthafucka. I resent being used as a pawn in your internecine battle. This will not end well.


TCK voted down as I couldnt really decide up or down but i’m depressed so down it was


I downvoted the OP, not because he is a twat - although I think I had grounds, but instead for the purpose of furthering scientific research.

Just as Robert Bunsen lost an eye in the search to understand how piping gas into school chemistry labs might help us singe our mate’s hair, so I wanted to see the impact of my downvote.

Nope, still don’t know how the voting works.


Post nuns and bouncing boobs on a cricket thread, easy innit.


For that you will be hunted down and will suffer a painful and embarrassing injury…

Maybe not today, or tomorrow, but when you least expect it…

You have been warned.


Though to be honest, from what I hear you can do that yourself by putting on a pair of football boots and running around a bit



What an excellent idea for a thread CS and well done to everyone for some very interesting and thought provoking posts.

… keep up the good work guys … it’s what makes Papsweb the best !!