How do you like your chillies?

How do you like your chillies?


Have just harvested my first crop form some plants grown from random seeds from Wahaca.

Fuck me they are hot

Not quite Scotch Bonnet or Birds Eye, but a deceptively slow build up to a fuck me! Where’s the milk!!

Where do Sotonians sit on God’s own veg (apart from Sprouts that is)?


I don’t see the point. They hurt. That’s not a good thing.


In food they’re fine. Eating them on their own is just mental though.


I feel the same about horror films/thrillers.


But it’s so nice when the pain stops


I like to chop them then play with my willy.


Wrong in so many ways Goat, but upvoted nonetheless …


Love chillies :lou_smiley: Grew some a few years back, the first one I picked I ate whole and the left side of my face went numb with the heat. Jalapenos I could eat all day but know full well I shouldn’t. Not tried a ghost pepper yet, one day though.


I had to re-post this…you’ve never seen so many haunted looks…


I like chillies in food but eating them on their own is silliness that needs correcting via a good kicking.


Yeah I can eat raw Jalapenos like sweets but put them in a curry…

I like a “fairly hot” curry but don’t enjoy a Vindaloo and upwards.


I like chillies in food but eating them on their own is silliness that needs correcting via a good kicking

Originally posted by Fatso

Try it on me and you’ll get a chili covered fist up the arse. .



That may seem like a threat to you but I normally pay 50p for that sort of action.


A chilli hand job?



Pickled chillies are best.

Especially the Turkish ones. I normally stick to Egyptian picked chillies just perfect with Stilton.

Ainsley did an awesome Jalapeno Popper ladder bbq recipe clean the chilli add ginger & chopped garlic with a Prawn & chopped Basil seal with butter.




PS don’t ask. I have a chilli story that will make you BEG for golf stories so be warned


Does it involve a hole in one?


Now now, @dubai_phil has a perfectly good golf story involving Rory and Emmenthal for that pun.


Chilli and garlic races held in the Langley Tavern late eighties early nineties was good fun :lou_lol:


Love chillies and have eaten them since I was two. Fkn hate the pretentiousness that they now generate. Normally orchestrated by the kind of cunts that wax lyrical about the craft beer from a can they are currently swilling.