❓🤷‍♀️ How did this become a thing?

Been struck by some stuff on my recent trip and maybe it is age or maybe distance I’ve had some “SRSLY” moments.

So I thought it time for a thread to ask how this shit came about.

Pretty sure we will find some comedy value I thought of asking about that strange 1 pound coin thing but here is my starter for 10.

Salted Caramel.

Where the hell has that come from? Some Celeb Chef? First found it in February when someone gave me a Whittards Hot Chocolate Taster and then had it on a cake at a party.

I tried to place the taste - couldn’t and then a “family member” told me what it tasted like :lou_sunglasses:

So How did Salted Caramel become a thing? Did Fatso place his Mug of Hot Chocolate in the wrong place?


Pretty much any trend of anyone under the age of 25 has me asking this question

Ditto anything they drink

You’re probably right there Phil … the same Celebrity Chefs who bleat on about the nations unhealthy diet, then knock up a dessert pizza topped with fruit’n’cream, lashings of chocolate sauce and a liberal sprinkling of hundreds and thousands. It’s a crazy old world.

I only really remember first hearing of it bout 2-3 yrs ago, but now it is Everywhere, and I am a bit addiction to it. I like it best in an Ice Cream situation.

I heard it started when Gordon Ramsey jizzed in a chocolate cake.


I am quite partial to salted caramel fudge when not twiddling my finger spinner fidget toy or slow roasting fucking pork belly.


And to think you used to give Cameron a hard time for this.

Pulled pork, pulled any meat for that matter.

Where the fuck did that come from and why is it so popular :lou_angry:


Yeah, what the actual fuck???

Oh FFS so it’s MY fault then?

Taught that trick to Gordon back in 2005 while we were at an after party with a bunch of hosties. (#namedroppingthread)

Pulled Pork/Meats yeah what the actual fuck, but equally on that topic, when did the Dodgy Burger Van become a Street Food Truck

Meanwhile, when did Continental Drift speed up so much?

When did Australia in Europe become a thing? Do they want to replace us or something?

Eurovision Song Contest: Australia through to final

The newish thing is Beetroot in everything! Chocolate cake is not a new one, but it is turning up in smoothies, fruit smoothies and it blinking works.

Now salted caramel has been going into my cheesecakes for about 3 years, but also my latte, love the stuff! I blame Costa for the outbreak in these things!

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Now THAT sounds very Eastern European and beyond to me.

Pass the Borscht

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I must admit I made a carrot and beetroot cake and it was delicious, mind you I love beetroot…

Liquorice powder - had it twice now in “molecular gastronomy” restaurants - its coming and its shit.


FFS???!!! :scream: :scream: :scream:

Paying with Cucumbers?

What the FUCK is this all about now?

Jeez H. It’s EVEN spread down here.

At 10 quid +++ a pint normally I’m off down the shop!

On May 17, a collection of 35 Dubai restaurants and lounges will accept a cucumber as form of payment in exchange for a selected mixed beverage.

Think we’re pulling your leg? According to their Facebook page, DXB Cucumber Day’s aim is to transform “the humble green fruit into exchangeable monetary units."

You don’t have to pay money. You literally have to hand over a cucumber to your server. It is, however, limited to one cucumber per person. Better head to the grocery store.

Here is a guide on all restaurants where you can pay with cucumbers in exchange for a selected mixed beverage:

Drum Bar, Madinat Jumeirah Al Naseem
Dustys, DIFC
El Sur, Westin Mina Seyahi
GQ, JW Marriott Marquis
Bahri Bar, Madinat Jumeirah - Mina A’Salam
Fume, Pier 7 Marina
Cargo, Pier 7 Marina
Carpenters, Hyatt Regency
China Grill, Westin Mina Seyahi
Gaucho, DIFC
Geales, Le Royal Meridien
Ginter, Intercontinental Marina
Belgian Beer Café, Madinat Jumeirah -Souk
Bridgewater Tavern, JW Marriott Marquis
Burger & lobster, DIFC
Cocktail Kitchen, Armada JLT
Cook Hall, Westin Habtoor City
Copper Dog, Hilton Doubletree JBR
Dhow & Anchor, Jumeirah Beach Hotel
Gramercy, DIFC
Reform Social & Grill, The Lakes
Rhodes W1, Grosvenor House
Rose and Crown, W Hotel
Siddhartha Lounge, Grosvenor House
The Croft, Marriott Harbour Hotel Marina
The Hub, Sofitel JBR
Hendricks, Four Seasons Jumeirah
Play, H Hotel
The Maine, Hilton Doubletree JBR
Tribeca, Ocean View Hotel JBR
Vaults, JW Marriott Marquis
Iris, Oberoi
Jones the Grocer, Dusit Thani
Lima Dubai, City Walk
Le Bistro D’arts, Pier 7 Marina
Miss Lily’s, Sheraton Grand Hotel

Back to the original now… Salted Caramel.

If it was marketed by Worthers as in “Worthers Salted Caramel” I would suspect it was a covert government sponsored conspiracy to create a dangerously unhealthy confectionary to increase the mortality rate of us superannuated folk.

By that token I won’t be touching any of the stuff. :lou_angry:

Cloudy eggs. Poached eggs with a meringue type surround (without the sugar). I blame the freaking Hipsters.


If I’m about, at home on Saturday night I will be watching “The Eurovision Song Contest” as usual.

Just to make the evening more palitable, I won’t have listened to any of the “songs”. I always give that bit a miss but enjoy the voting process. The political and racial bias is staggering along with the hilarious attendant highs and lows of the ever hopeful contestants.

Now that Brexit has had time to sink in I’m forecasting “ROYAUME-UNI… Nul Points”

Wearing shoes that look like fish.

Branding on consumer goods.

Branding on people

Professional registrations

Personalised number plates

Quaint pukey house names

Psychometric testing in interviews

Working class Tory voters


When did asking when something became a thing become a thing?


Branding used to be for cattle and slaves.

Still is.