🏳️‍🌈 Homophobia in Football


please, please, please, let’s not have Southampton FC fans on the report this season, let’s just get 6 points.




WARNING: This content contains terms some readers may find offensive.

It starts with “we can see you holding hands” or “does your boyfriend know you’re here?”…"

Well that sets the tone and expectations of the article BBC. Well done. Didn’t read any further…


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It is the dullest and most unoriginal attempt at humour, for those reasons alone we could do without it.


It’s the BBC yes, they try and stay family orintated, but it is basically mob mentality, when it comes to some football fans, watch the video clip.

Oh and down voted for missing the bigger picture. Clap, bloody clap!


So you bastards down voted me down for being ANTI homophobic !!



Thought better of you @sfcsim


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gonna go out on a limb and day this is a misunderstanding.

That said, if you are being homophobic @cobham-saint , you’re dead to me.


Not sure why all of a sudden there’s an accusation of homophobia being levelled at me tbf… Also don’t understand why there’s any misunderstanding - seriously have I missed something here?!?


In response to a post linking a serious article on a serious topic, you criticised the quality of news organization and “humor” expressed by homophobes and then proudly declined to read the article itself. Nothing about this demonstates homophobia. But nothing refutes it either. But the person who suggested you missed the bigger picture was on point.

Just in case, to avoid the same problem I would like to say: homophobia=bad.


Redslo. Homophobis is bad. You and I accept this? Yes?

Your assumption of what I meant by my post - also bad

Use of the word “proud” is wrong and misguided especially as you are apparently / allegedly a person of a legal persuasion. You’ve misinterpreted my original post which is sad. I’m not homophobic, my son’s godfathers are both homosexual & one is an ordained priest, so in the English vernacular, fuck you!


Am I allowed to say I don’t like Brighton on this thread and not get downvoted?

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Morning @philippinesaint

All good with you?

Best not mention Brighton (where I lived for 10+ years & where I met Mrs C_S)


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Not so bad @cobham-saint me old mucker the mrs has arranged an outdoor sit down party for my birthday and it’s raining cats and dogs :lou_facepalm_2:

Plus not one of the early guests want anything to drink either. :lou_sad:

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Cant stand Brighton… full of Homosapiens

Anyone who still sings those songs because they ‘think its harmless fun, take a joke man’ are either 13 year olds or fucktards. What remains the best illustration of how ridiculous homophobia is, is that its either driven by ridiculous religeous shit (written to make a moral judgement against the Romans bi-orgies) or by those who still some how feel threatened by SOMEONELSES sexual behaviour… they can deny it allthey like,but if you are secure andcomfortable with your own orientation, then there is no logic to being frightened or prejudiced to anyoe elses… sadly ignorant twats often struggle with logic as well…

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Someone I know was turfed out of the Brighton game for “homophobic abuse”.

The Brighton lot said that we were “too ugly to be gay”. He responded by pointing at his arse.

He sticks out like a sore thumb so got nicked, but was eventually acquitted,

Where does stadium banter fit into all of this? I mean, I do not genuinely believe that Northerners eat off the floor, nor do I think that @unionhotel even owns a gun that would facilitate the mass murder of Pompey fans before a celebratory supporting sesh in St. Marys, but I sing those songs anyway.

My point is that there’s stuff that is said in football stadiums and stuff that is said in real life. We all have our lines. I won’t do racism or get involved in any sick chants (“murderers” at LFC fans is one I can’t stand). Football is becoming one of the last places you can be a little bit naughty and get away with it.

You can’t say PC hasn’t had its effect on football, nor can you say that football hasn’t adapted. But for fuck’s sake, let’s not have the thought police grassing people up because a couple of chants reference bumlove when we play Brighton.


He’s one of own, he’s one of our own, Hugo Scheckter, he’s one of our own.

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Sod the guests and dip straight in to the sauce - it’s your birthday :birthday:

Hope its topped off by a win later! :lou_lol:

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It’s also becoming one of the last places where coming out is still news worthy.

Can’t agree with your stance here. We all have our line, yes. When your line lies past the point where people have to hide a huge part of their persona, I think you need to re-draw them.


Yeah, I’m with King Come, papster.

I was surprised to see you shelving a principle (because I know you to be an incredibly principled person and certainly not a homophobe) based on a change of environment.


I reserve the right to become a tribal mindless animal at St Marys, thank you very much.

I sing things about Northerners I don’t believe. I sing things about Pompey people I don’t believe.

I chuckled, but didn’t sing along, when the bloke behind me sang “you should have died in a car crash” to Harry Redknapp.

I don’t condone any of the stuff I sing about in real life, but there’ll come a point where all of the above will become protected minorities, more stadiums will devote more space to stale family zones and going to football will lose a lot of its charm.