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But you’ve lost weight?

Of course he has, that knee is lightweight Titanium.

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Phil doesn’t fuck about when it comes to taking the knee.

Yesterday until about 20:20 got a bit back up
Luckily made it just in time and dropped at least another 2kg

I have finished to 30 day course of blood thinners injections stabbed into my stomach every night!

They hurt.

This afternoon Lady Slowlane and I went to visit our mate for the first time since his Stroke on a train in Germany last month.

Maybe optimism and excitement at seeing him again made the current reality of his condition harder to take. With a tracheotomy muting his speech and the effects of his medication fighting to stay awake we found it difficult hold a conversation.

In reality it’s very early in his recovery and we took comfort from, though sounding frail, he made good sense and can remember how much he enjoyed their holiday up 'til the fateful train journey.

He’s a long way from the football and cricket team mate of the 1970s but give the brain time, he can get a lot better than we’ve seen him today. :neutral_face:


Saw the quack after the Ultrasound on my Achilles and I apparently have something called tendinosis…

Tendinosis is a degeneration of the tendon’s collagen in response to chronic overuse; when overuse is continued without giving the tendon time to heal and rest, such as with repetitive strain injury, tendinosis results. Even tiny movements, such as clicking a mouse, can cause tendinosis, when done repeatedly.

Basically nothing I can do, just be careful. I feel my football playing days are over…

Welcome to our world…

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Did you say it was in your wrist? :wink:

@Polski_Filip this morning.

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Today was aee tge Surgeon day.
He doesn’t run a reservation system. You turn up before 7 and organise a queue yourselves. He rocks up at 9 and sees people.

As post Op we were told to rock up for end of session today about 11.

We did.

He arroved at 11:20 A&E life critical surgery for a car crash victim.

So we should get to see him about 3pm.
Great day off for Mrs P_F

My knee movement is excellent.
I can now “do everything”.
Build up to as much as I can.
Cycling, swimming, walking, driving physio.


It will hurt, a lot for a month or three.

Oh great.

I’m wiped out from the bus/tram/walk to the hospital & barber - completely crashed!

I’ll reread that with my “good news” filter on…

Well done…a round of golf should work wonders for you nipper. :lou_lol:

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