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I think Parkinson’s Disease is an interesting subject. At my age I’ve had a few friends and relatives who’ve had it or still have it but as the title of this discussion implies, the incidence of it has doubled in the last 20 years.
It’s a long discussion but very informative and perhaps a little scary.

Fitting new thread
I’m off back to Hospital - in a small town an hour from here - to have a knee replacement done in mid May
It needs doing, I am terrified of it - the Doc is the top guy in Krakow and does an “in the sticks clinic” so I had the look at my knee visit yesterday and surgery is booked for May rather than in November.
He speaks good English. Nobody else will and Mrs P_F won’t be able to come see me

And yeah, a lot of illnesses have become more prevalent of late

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Yeah that video on Parkinson’s starts by saying it’s a man made disease which surprised me. The fact was it was a very rare disease before the Industrial revolution and the major cause seems to be environmental pollution. Big indication is pesticides have played a big part in the upsurge. :frowning:

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And back in the day people largely carked it well before most degenerative diseases conditions could carry them off…



The story that I remember

Basically - Deodorant use means you’re screwed

Ten years today since I was diagnosed with CLL


I’m a pensioner so not going to be an issue for me.

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It must be a bugger keeping staff for any length of time at Slowlane Mansions, what with the hired help being run over by runaway horse and carts, random threshing machine accidents and not to mention the kids getting stuck up chimneys etc…

That’s what most people don’t realise…thanks for your thoughtful post.
When you have a house with 12 chimney stacks and fire places on 3 stories we have got through a lot of youngsters over the years. :unamused:

Do you make sure that the fire is out before you send them up the chimney…


Of course not. A bit of naked flame gets the little blighters up there twice as fast, so it’s half the wages. Have you learned nothing from our resident overseer? :rage::grin:

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Shouldn’t this post be on the Epstein thread?

Also it burns out the dead ones, saves hiring more to remove them…

Absolutely, the average serf has little insight into staffing problems, be they indentured or expendables. :+1:

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Already got MS but I do my best not to smell :grin:


The bit about Aluminium and MS and other neuro diseases has been going around for over 30 years and nobody seems to have got any further with it.
When Lady Slowlane was diagnosed with MS 43 years ago they didn’t even have a test to diagnose it…if you had none of the others you had MS.

Not much progress since either…fortunately or unfortunately, you can get it on a scale from 1 to 100.

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The only good news is that there are 21 meds which helps slow it down. 25 years ago there were none.

And big advances in knowledge of lifestyle impacts such as foods which are inflammatory and make MS worse and others which make it easier.



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I love my Mother in Law.
She just collected my Tramadol prescription

Yes i know 2 a week purely so i can manage 2 days a week of 7km walking or more. Today managed 2.8kms and just starting to scream

More kms before the Op the faster i get off tge crutches.

Thursday :crossed_fingers: personal trainer at gym intro & day 1

Struggling to find a pool easy to reach/affordable

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