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When I told the doctor I had a limp, he prescribed my Viagra. I’ve been taking it for seven years now, and I still can’t walk properly. :rage::rage:

Reminds me of a true story that I read about in the memoirs of Fred Trueman, regarding a Yorkshire cricketer called Charlie Harris. Charlie once dived to take a catch and rolled around in agony claiming he had broken a bone. It was in fact a dislocation and he was taken to hospital for a precautionary X-ray. When he was told it was a minor injury and that the dislocation was to be put back into position, he enquired nervously, “Will it hurt?” “Not much” he was told, and the sleeve was rolled up ready for the simple procedure. The nurse gave him a rolled up towel and he clenched it between his teeth as his collarbone was put back - and he screamed the place down. A senior nurse, who was, as it happened, an ardent Yorkshire supporter reproached him severely. “Dear me Mr Harris , there’s a nineteen year old girl just down the corridor who gave birth to twins this morning”, she told him, “and she didn’t make half as much noise as you”. “Aye”, replied Charlie, “but just you try putting em back!”

So. After 4 weeks of silence, Brother in Law phoned Mrs P_F last Tuesday to say that “they had slmost list” my Sister over the weekend.
You may recall she gad cancer of the oesophagus and it spread.
They operated on a tumour on her brain then we heard nothing during the time pre op when maybe i coukd have got home. Tirned out the crash was due to Calcium levels going crazy.
He didn’t call me.
Until today.
Sis is very poorly, the hole in her brain filled with a liquid, causing pressure causing her to not be home. They ran more scans, it has spread to her Liver.
Docs say maybe a week or so.
And I’m here, I’m not getting out for at least 2 maybe 4 weeks.

I cannot sit for more than 10 minutes atm anyway even if i was allowed to go.

That’s all kind of shit really.

Doc has just been round.
Based on my Physio status, today all 19 stitches are due to come out.
20 days after surgery.
Equally, i have a discharge date - when they believe i will be fit enough to go home.
2nd July.

That will make it a total of 6 weeks in hospital

I will be going home on 4th july after 5 weeks in a Betty Ford clinic and as I have to have a medical on the 10th still no beer until after then

Well, I had a fun packed evening. My mother managed to wreck her toes on a trip out on her powerchair yesterday afternoon, and didn’t bother to tell me until 6 o’clock. So I called 111 and described the gory details, they told me to take her to the urgent treatment centre at the RSH. Several hours there resulted in me then having to take her to A and E at the General, who finally decided at 1am to keep her in. We got to the General after 10pm, I’d had nothing to eat and all the eateries were closed, even Smiths. :rage::rage:


She got seen in A&E in ONLY 3 hours?
Fucking hell, who did you have to bribe for that you lucky sod?

I played the “she’s 83 and disabled” card. :+1::+1::grin:

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The secret is to wrap your hand in a tea-towel and drip blood on the floor. I was seen in an hour. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

The bandages my sister put on her were in fact dripping blood. :+1::+1:

Went to see MSK people today, eventually after 5+ years of whinging.

Turns out I have a C6 nerve deterioration.

Add that to my ongoing gout, my ruptured/torn Achilles, my damaged left rotator cuff etc. etc. and I am a model of health

Is that the one connected to your big toe? - if so, no more gout

No, all the way down my right arm, strangely where I had the gout attack originally…

I’ve had that in my left arm and hand for 30 years. I had to give up footie because I couldn’t head the ball which ain’t good for a CF.
It got worse in 2009 when I drove my Split Screen Bus to a show near Frankfurt. The posture for driving a Split Screen Bus, if you’re over 6ft, is hunched over the steering wheel.
After that I got severe pain in my left forearm and two numb fingers. The forearm pain went after about 3 months but I still have the two numbish fingers.
Don’t worry, you’ll learn to live with it.

If you want the name of a good spinal surgeon let me know.

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Just need physio and maybe some chiropractic…

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