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40 years ago there was a lot of quackery involved in MS…gluten free diets, hypobaric oxygen and lots of media coverage of sufferers making miraculous recoveries after taking a miracle elixir of one sort or other.
Although still walking wounded Lady Slowlane is now considered secondary progressive so drug treatments aren’t considered suitable.
What bad luck. :lou_eyes_to_sky:


One of my chromosomes is fucked up and this has resulted in a condition called hypokalemic periodic paralysis. Lack of potassium fucks up the body and renders it weak, occasionally leading to temporary paralysis, until the balance is restored. Quite a bizarre condition.

My intolerance to excessive amounts of Ethanol has exactly the same effect - I find more of the same usually sorts me out, until the next time. Rinse and repeat……


Have you tried Austrian wine? Due to low temperatures in the past they’ve used anti-freeze to bolster susceptible vintages…but no Ethanol.

That was only three wineries and it totally fucked the Austrian wine industry for a generation

And that was in the pre social media age

Lady Slowlane has said she’s suffering from some sort of creeping paralysis. She thinks it’s related to an overdose of a large Austrian Gin and Tonic I poured for her half an hour ago.

I did tell you serving them in one of these will have that effect


Isn’t that similar to (iirc) Celine Dion or some other singer?

No. You just throw up when you have to listen to her.

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Fuck knows, mush.

My Sisters’ cancer has spread from esophagus
She has lumps popping up
They cannot operate too close to heart/lungs
They had to stop Radiation her platelets are too low
The Chemo has not shrunk anything enough to be able to zap with Radiation

It is not good.
And I am stuck here

I’m really sorry to hear that, Phil. :frowning:

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Lord Slowlane has marked himself SAFE at Slowlane Mansion.

Yesterday I tripped and fell in Slowlane Mansion’s Kitchen Garden. It was a heavy fall, catching my leading leg on an obstacle carelessly left there by myself.

Crashing in dramatic fashion I dislocated my little pinkie, (no, not that little pinkie) on my right hand.
Chambers came rushing to my aid and look me to Southampton General A&E. There I sat for an hour nursing my dislocated and bleeding pinkie in a Tea Towel, which by good fortune was already red in colour.

Of course I could easily have used my celebrity status to gain immediate attention, but being a man of the people I sat and dutifully waited.

After several X-rays I was injected with cocaine or something, that froze my pinkie. After a lot of yanking, tugging and grunting, the offending digit was deemed to be back in place.

The Doc now wants to see me later in the week to fix what he suspects to be a ruptured tendon. Sadly I may never play the Piano again. :sob:

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Was it the whole finger, or the one next to it?

The one next to it. For my part, a rather redundant digit, given that my foreplay has often been criticised as lacking imagination or dexterity.

Does your foreplay consist of asking her ladyship if she’s awake?

Good lord no.

Know what I call foreplay? …a curry.

Just had a call from the RSH Ortho…I’m under the knife tomorrow…the coda to my musical career? :face_with_spiral_eyes:

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Fore play is the first half

post play is the second half

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