:metoo: Harvey Weinstein

Ok, so we know that Hollywood has been the home for sexual preditors from day 1. It apparently has also been know that Harvey Weinstein has been a sexual predator for many years. So only now are people coming out of the woodwork in droves to accuse or condemn him for his actions. I cant belive that many of those condemning him recently have only just found out about what he has done over many years. Even his wife, who apparently knew all about it all along, has just decided to leave him. Why now? To be fair, some have stood up at the time and made allegations but some took the money and shut up. Is it me or does Hollywood pick and chose when to support someone and when to turn on someone? I’d be very surprised if Weinstein was the only producer using his position to try and get sexual favours, even in this day and age.


There’s probably no good way for married, fat, repulsively ugly & charmless men to sexually proposition young & attractive women, but some of this bros efforts seem particularly crass + embarrassing. The pleading! Pls, pls. Pls watch me beat off in the shower! It makes you sick.

Still, you know, what happened to the American Dream? You work hard all ur life to achieve position of wealth, power and influence, so you can do these things, and suddenly it’s not enough. What’s the rules now? You have to be handsome on top of everything else?

I hope he goes down for the Rapes tho. Pervert.

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I’ve heard rumours about stories of what @saintbletch had to do to get this gig…

@pap has a casting mattress in his dungeon shed where he shoots his ‘glamour’ and art photography.

Bletch applied to have his portfolio shot and went home with yoghurt down his favourite blouse.

The trouble is he now has a taste for fruits of the forest and can’t get enough of the stuff.

So I’ve heard.



Corrected it for you.


So the American Dream led to this? This British Dream that May was banging on about the other day, do we think that it contained anything about knocking one out in the shower in front of young birds? I can’t imagine that what the PM had in mind when she said she was going to deliver it for us?

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The American Dream for Women is different to The American Dream for Men. The American Dream for Women is being pretty + large breasted so you can secure Acting Job & Rich Old Man beyond the deserts of ur talent. Take a line through Megan Fox, or for that matter, this Weinstieners Wife:

Weinsteiner + Wife(!)

I am glad for all this tho tbh. I look forward to the day when i.e. Megan Fox & i.e Katherine Hiegl are reduced to working Tesco checkouts, Kathy Burke stars as romantic interest to Tom Cruise in next Mission Impossible movie, and billionaire movie moguls can only get birds that even I could pull. Fkn Equality Pls!


So apparently Donna Karan has come out in support of Weinstein saying that he is wonderful and that women should look at the way they dress and perhaps that they are asking for it. Beyond bizarre from someone working in the fashion industry and who has made a fortune by making women look attractive to men.



It’s a small point, but the purpose of the fashion industry is not to make women look attractive to men. That could be more effectively achieved with no clothes at all. Purpose of fashion industry is so you can make other women feel inferior.


Liberal silence until now, career over beliefs…

Casting my eye around the office, I would give that a resounding NO!

Note to self - must have words with the recruitment department.

Says the man who has said he would send his child to private school.

Child’s career over beliefs…

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Umm, aren’t YOU the recruitment department??

Of course, would you send your kid to a shit school to keep with your own beliefs?

I’m a hypocrite but one of circumstances presented, you’d do it differently and watch your child suffer?

Do you think that by admitting you’re a hypocrite that it means you can go around slagging other hypocrites off? It doesn’t. You have lost the right to look down on people who do things that are contrary to their beliefs by admitting you would send your child to provate school. You’re proper old school socialist, arent you? Haha! I can’t believe you’ve even got the balls to reply. As just so you’re clear…this is not about sending your child to private school or even being a hypocrite for doing so - it’s about you criticising others for doing exactly what you would do in the same situation. You have no shame! Stop trolling for a bit, you’re weaving all sorts of webs that you can’t get out of.


This is about in 7 years time if I can afford it I won’t send my child to the local school as it is one of the worst in the Country, thats all there is to it, what would you do?

I had to stop recruiting for a while when people began to notice that there was a certain type.

Entirely coincidental


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You could always move?

WTF has this got to do with liberals?

Then you can’t use the “liberal’s” hypocrisy as a stick to beat them with. That would make you a hypocrite AND a fucking moron.

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Moving to get into a good school? Original.