:2019: Happy New year - all the best for 2018/2019

:2019: Happy New year - all the best for 2018/2019


As it says on the tin. I wish you all the best of health and happiness is 2018.

I have enjoyed a more friendly and upbeat forum.

Thanks all, it’s been good x


“…I have enjoyed a more friendly and upbeat forum…”

Where? Let us all in on the secret then…


HNY all


Aye HNY to you all, may 2018 be good to you all…


All the best for next year guys :laughing:


This year even lol


Getting a bit ahead of yourself there. Let’s see 2018 out first.

Happy New year to all sotonians, even if they’re a massive knob!


Aww shucks, thanks @fatso


Happy New Year to you all you fuckers.

2017 can seriously do one as I have been unemployed all year.

Things can only get better, as someone once sung.


Good luck with the job search. What are you applying for?


Ops Director in accounting or law firms.


It’s a tough environment. My Brother was made redundant last year. He’s a freelance advisor, he worked at KPMG and CEO of this organic milk company (OMSCO). He works from home now and advises local companies. I’m a dumb cameraman so can’t advise you any more.


Happy New Year to one and all.

May all your resolutions be short and sweet.


Fuck off.

I am NOT gonna let 2018 start where 2017 drifted off.

Meds & strapping for the knee and sod it. Off to tackle the January sales head on.

Not gonna go all Saints this year gonna attack the MoFo head on.


That feels better


Well @dubai_phil we will let 2018 start as soon as 2017 finishes but fuck the shopping that is what wives and girlfriends do when we are at the pub. Before we watch the football.


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Happy New year everybody.