Guinea Pigs Required

Guinea Pigs Required


Signed up using my Google and Twitter accounts, both redirected me to my BTripz account on the zeitgeist as, I’m guessing, they all have the same email address (which is NOT the email address I registered on this site with I don’t think anyway)


Nice one, @btripz .

Yep, that’s what I was expecting.

Looks like the authentication from external sources is working.


BTW @saintbletch just looked at the Brexit thread on the other site and it still has full quotes on it, is that what you are expecting still??


No, mate.

The site is using a very old version of the post creation stuff.

The new one is only working on my laptop at the moment.


Roger, as you were then…


More importantly, what’s happening with the sweepstake?


Well, I’ve written a completely hilarious Sotonians World Cup Draw program but have been waiting for our stragglers to sign up (you know who you are).

I’m thinking that we’ll open it up to members buying second teams, but am struggling to think of the best way to do that.

Should we do a first come, first served or do we have a bid off (blind auction) with those that bid the most getting their second teams?


Option b.


Will I still be getting mysterious “Private Message” email notifications telling me that Mr. Belch" has sent me a billet-doux only to find tumbleweed blowing through my reception centre?

Methinks I have a stalker. :lou_surprised:


OK, more testing please.

To take part in this YOU MUST know* your current Sotonians password.

When we change to the new Discourse forum you will need to log in with your existing username and password. Getting this right is my biggest headache at the moment.

It won’t matter if your browser currently remembers your login to Sotonians, you will need to log in again.

Please visit

(note this is NOT the same as that you might have visited before).

And then try to log in with your existing username and password.

IF your username previously had spaces, they will have been replaced by dashes.

So, for example…

cobham saint

has become


You can, of course, use your email address instead of your username IF YOU KNOW* IT.

Don’t bother clicking " I forgot my password" to get a new password sent to you because I can’t send you email as it is turned off.

Please let me know if you try and it fails.

If you do get to log in, admire the sexy dark theme and check your messages and interact with discobot.

Let me know how you go.


*know here means “are certain of”



No wouldn’t accept my username or my email address and I was using my correct current password. :lou_sad:


Wouldn’t accept mine but I just assumed i was typing in the wrong password… which I probably was.


I tried Saint-CD and the usual password and it didn’t let me in. Maybe I’m in the wrong group…


Used my email address and got straight in on android device.


No problems with user name either.


Can you try your email addresses Seedy?


I saw that your logged on.

It’s weird because you being able to log in means that the system works. I can log in too. Makes me think that others logging in and failing means they’ve got something wrong or their username is wrong.

Thanks for trying.


No surprise that I failed to log on. Tried user and e-mail.

See you next season and bring my winnings… (Messi is God)


I can log in using both my username and email address and current password (which I have no idea what it actually is but my password vault does).


Feck me, after hanging around on the other zeit and then coming back here the white was very bright…