Guinea Pigs Required

Guinea Pigs Required


Cheers @saint-cd , appreciate the effort.

Unfortunately, the new forum will force us all to remove our spaces.

Remember this is just a test forum so nothing you post there will be copied back here (here being but new posts from here will be copied there (there being



Oh, and whilst you were trying your Google login it was broken but I just fixed it so it might not have been you, it might have been me.


Is this The Matrix?


What is the message, @tigger ?

Is it complaining about spaces or other characters?

Ahh, if you’re trying to use Tigger then that won’t work because that already belongs to you - you are effectively creating a second account.

This is just a test site.

WHEN we move to Discourse properly you will have the Tigger username still.


Okay then, logged in


Good evening Mr Davies.


Too bloody complicated

On a phone

When it automatically lots me in.

Maybe after I finish drinking Czech beer with my Italian Pizza in Krakow.



Logged on using Google account

Seems I’m still Technofucktard on the new site.

Can I keep that as my alter-ego?



When I logged in for the first time on the new site it wouldn’t let me use my og username and password so I had to register as LITSL1. When this site closes can I revert to my og username?

I’m being quite calm and reasonable at the moment but I’m likely to throw a senior tantrum if I can’t post using my og username. :lou_angry:


Yeah, that’s what I expected to happen.

Basically*, Google says to the new

“Hi new Sotonians. that twat Cobber has asked me to vouch for him. I can confirm that he is a twat and his email address is

and then the new Sotonians says…

“Oh, hi Google. Lol. How things? BTW thanks for authenticating that twat Cobber. It turns out I’ve got an account for him for that email address - something about being a technofuktard. I’ll log him in with that username. Lol.”

and then Google says

“Lol. What a twat. Yeah, all good here hope you’re well. Saw your missus on Google Photos the other day. Nice arse. Chat soon. G.”

*Bletch dumbs down OAuth2 for a complete Techofuktard.



Now STFU and drink your Cocoa.

* The plan is to migrate all of the data from your current accounts** over to the new forum and switch over. You will have the same usernames although some will have changed to have hyphens instead of spaces. All of your posts, mentions, badges and even private messages will be there still.

** When I say current accounts, I’m not talking about accessing your Current Accounts, but your current, accounts.


Anyone with a Twitter login able to give the new registration process a go?

I THINK we’ve tried Google (Seedy Saint, Cobber and Phil) and Facebook (Tigster).


People who Tweet are all cunts (just saying)… the new hip thing is to be devoid of all social media, dete your account you star fucker wannbees and just stick with Sotsbletchpapfuckersweb… you know it makes sense… now where the fuck did I put the Gin?


Yeah & I was the one who took the pictures of your missus’ arse…



I’m getting the feeling that when this takes off, idiots like me will be left many miles behind.

See my invite on a new thread


Same as usual then


Worked for me from my Twitter account. It’s fucking witchcraft I tell thee.


Excellent! Cheers, Goat.


If I’m 10 years behind, can I still call Rupert a cunt?



Forum etiquette.

You can only use that word on the Friday Pickles Thread.


Cunt is OK anywhere but not that R word