Guinea Pigs Required

Guinea Pigs Required


Tried and my password but still no joy.


Cheers @btripz . This is very strange as, in my view, if the system works at all (as it did for Btripz, saint or sinner and me) then it should work every time someone tries to log in with a valid username (email) and password.

It would suggest that those that are failing are either using the wrong password, wrong username or wrong email address.

I say suggest, because it could very well be down to me or something else outside of my control.

Either way, it’s moot because if so many people are failing to log in then I need another solution.



Thanks for persevering, Chris.

Can I be a real pain and ask you to log out of (this) and then when you try to log back in here, use the password you were using to try to log into

PLEASE RE-TYPE the password, don’t use the one that your browser may have remembered for you.

BEFORE YOU DO see the PM I’m about to send you.



I’m pretty certain that my failed attempt was because I got my password wrong. I’ve just tried to change my password and the one chrome has remembered is wrong. I have no idea what my password is. It’s like being old and confused about technology.


Logged in fine

What the message about a hidden post all about?

Seem to have lost the bot though.

Anyway, have to ask, will you be sticking with the white text on black background- can’t stand it personally


Logged out as asked, logged back in OK here with the same password but typed in.

Popped into the new site again after receiving your email but can’t get in with either Saint-CD or as the username. Double checked password on my Chrome settings. Just beginning to wonder if I reset my password on the link you sent last week ? Or is that a red herring ?


You can change the theme to whatever you want - well whatever choices we make available.

Go to your settings (gear icon), Preferences (along the top) and Appearance (down the side). Change it to Default and it will be all white again (see what I did there?).

The hidden posts are a hangover from the migration.

They will work their way through the system, but basically, as my migration program adds the posts from Sotonians, the System user on Discourse is watching all these posts and seeing downvotes and it kicks in and closes the topic for a short period of time.

If you had been downvoted a number of times, you may get messages saying your posts have been hidden. I (and the other mods) will have to wade through thousands of moderation messages to unhide those posts if we think the automatic moderation was a bit hasty.


Yeah, probably a smelly old fish.

Thanks for trying that, it tells me something important, but I’m not sure what!


I even tried saint-CD just for fun but that didn’t work either.


Logged off here.

Still couldn’t get into this new torture chamber.

Logged back on here, proving to myself that I did have the right password.


Well…i logged out of the site on the laptop and clicked the forgot password thing when I went to log back in. It says an email has been sent to my email, but it hasn’t. So now I can’t log in on my laptop. I’m still logged in on phone. What a load of shit!


I wouldn’t have done that (unless I sent you a pm before like I did for Seedy Saint - wherei gave him my mobile number in case he was locked out).

I believe @pap knows there is an issue with this site sending emails. You may recall that both @fowllyd and @cobham-saint had periods where they were locked out without a password.

I’ll see if pap can fix the email issue as I feel we’re going to have everyone know their password (via email) before we move over.


Luckily, I only logged out on my laptop, which I don’t post from as often as my phone. I will need to know my/ be able to change my password when the move happens…or just re-register.


Nope didn’t log me in and being a zillion miles away I ain’t logging out of anything with calls at 5 quid a minute



Still not letting me in… :lou_angry:

Using Chrome on my desktop.


Not letting me in either :lou_angry:


BTW, I’ll say this now just because he deserves it, but kudos to @saintbletch for what he’s done so far.


cut him some slack you ungrateful rotund individual…


@fatso , if you’ve got time, could you test the password recovery on the test site?

And then go to log in and click the I’ve forgotten my password link.

It should email you a link that if you follow it, will allow you to pick a new password.

Obviously, that will only solve your test site password issue. Your live sotonians password from your laptop, only pap can help you with.



@lets-b-drinking , same request for you as the one above for @fatso .