Guinea Pigs Required

Guinea Pigs Required


I’ve done it and I’m in on the test site. I shall report back any unusual findings. I’m like your spy on the inside



So perhaps that might be what we have to get migrating users to do.

Try to log in - and if they know their current password, it should work, or if they don’t then password reset should work.

Might need a fall-back communication device in case people can’t log on to the new system and this sotonians has been retired.



BTW, if you’re on Android and Chrome you can get system tray notifications of the things you’ve said you’re interested in.

If you’re on Apple, get yourself on Android.



So @saintbletch you are now telling me that after dropping my shitty £50 Microsoft phone and going Crapple I now have to go back to Android…?

It only took 10 years to cave in to C_S household pressure to go Crapple…


Finally logged on after clicking the “Forgot Password” button.

The reason why it wasn’t accepting my password was because it was too short…apparently “cunt” will no longer do.


Dit and indeed, to.


Ahh . Interesting information gentlemen.

I THINK I can do something about that.