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I’m re-warching The Thick of it for then umpteenth time.

There’s a great scene in series 2 where the Minister, Hugh Abbot, thinks he’s about to lose his job and he’s waiting for Malcolm Tucker to finish discussing his future with the PM.

Tucker comes out and says “there’s going to be a public inquiry”.

Hugh Abbot falls to his knees, punches the air and shouts yes, yes, thank you, thank you !

The implication being thst all the pressure will go and a friendly judge will exonerate him.

And so it is with Grenfell with one exception - the obfuscating and water-muddying inquiry will trash the lives of people whose only crime was turning up to put out a fire that behaved like nothing they’d ever seen before.

At the end we’ll have 80 odd people dead, and councillors and corporations whose decisions made it impossible to save more will walk off to their detached houses with a slap on their wrists.

It’s not right.



And she’s only one of 7 that have pulled this shit. Truly depressing.


She had done the same in another work place before!