🔥 Grenfell Fire

:fire: Grenfell Fire



Someone’s going to jail…and rightly so if it emerges that they gambled with people’s lives to save a few quid.


Ryan Bertrand wants to do more than just donate money.


5 months on…



No surprises there. Fucking shameful.


Even more so in the wake of the relevations last night. It is a great shame that we live in a society where so much time and effort is spent in ensuring the rich get richer whilst the disadvanted are buggered. Can only hope that the floating voters who have been proping up the Tories are getting the picture now.


Is this still being covered up, or have we been sufficiently distracted by Strictly and Panorama so that the guilty can now walk away untroubled by the law?

Despite the initial outcry I fear there will be little justice here.


Not surprised at all.



Lives lost/preventitive expenditure…government has obvoiusly worked out the figures. :lou_facepalm_2:


And people still vote for the Tories?


(No I’m not saying any of the rest are any better btw)

Absolute scum - the Govt that is


These fuckers cannot be serious?










One year on. It’s frightening how people forget. This should have been a game changing moment, a wake up call.


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