Great British Bake Off makes off

Not really my cup of tea, but many people enjoy the Great British Bake Off. Love Productions, the company that makes it, has decided to take their wares elsewhere. It won’t be at the BBC anymore, and it has been one of their crown jewels.

Thoughts? If you’re a fan, will you follow it into the commercially funded Shangri La?

Will it survive the move?

How does one avoid a soggy bottom?

Front to back pap.

And keep practising.


More of a masterchef fan, it’s got a much better theme tune.


About time too…hope it won’t survive any move as it’ll stop the inane wittering at work from people who have never made a cake but have suddenly become experts because they watch Cake-Off, or what ever it’s called.

If I want a cake I’ll go to the cake shop and buy one.

If I want a loaf of bread I’ll go to the baker - and not an “Artisan” one, or whatever the fuck you call a beardy hipster who makes bread rolls for a living

You touched a nerve there Pap…

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Well, it is a massively successful bbc export, so there is that going for it. According to wiki, it’s been sold to 196 territories and is the third most successful format after…

P… Dancing on ice and The Weakest Link

So it’s going to Channel 4 - which the BBC partly owns anyway.

If it’s a success then I guess the BBC will snaffle a good share of the advertising revenue & not having to pay for it on the BBC will free up cash for other programs.

Seems it is a win-win for the BBC?

I care not for it.


Very smart move by the BBC. The old girl’s going to drop dead soon and who would the replace her with, Chris Evans?

Balding’s British Bake Off.

The missus is a baker of some skill. She does excellent cake. As a consequence, I’m familiar with most TV shows involving baking or cakes.

I’d probably hate Bake Off more if I hadn’t seen Cake Boss first. Buddy Valastro is Italian American, so naturally, the boss suffix is supposed to imply a bit of mafia. That would actually be an improvement. Instead, it’s Buddy and his friends and family, wearing too much make up, morbidly obese or both, making cakes for various functions, almost fucking them up, but making it at the end. Everyone tells Buddy how great his cake his. You secretly suspect his staff are eating cake on the job.

British Bake Off is like fucking Shakespeare by comparison.

The BBC is the Southampton FC of the broadcasting world. Fact.


I have only just started watching it as my kids keep talking about it and it means I can have a conversation with them about something. It seems to me like the perfect BBC show - cheap to make, easy to produce and very, very British in its subject matter. I dont blame them for not stumping up four times what they pay at the moement and out of solidarity I will not watch it when it gets in transfer (was its head always at Channel 4?) Channel 4, home of Naked Attraction and the Great Britsh Bake Off? Does that mean that they will be baking in the buff in future?

Ad breaks?! In Bake Off?! It’s a fucking travesty!! Britain’s in the sewer!

Seriously though, I kind of hope MazBez tells C4 to fuck off and then the show will die. People only watch it for the MazBez/Hollywood sizzling sexual tension anyway.

I read that as Ched Evans at first :lou_facepalm_2:

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The Great British Rape Off?


Originally posted by @Rallyboy

The Great British Rape Off?

I shouldn’t laugh but…

I love it. It’s an hour long feast of double-entendre and innuendo. Favourites from last week were “You’ve got a big split up the front and it’s still moist underneath”, “I’ve got to soften the plums in my juice”, “Don’t bring your steamy balls off to early or they’ll deflate”, “It didn’t rise because you didn’t beat it long enough”, “No-one likes underfilled balls”, etc, etc.

It’s like a tv cake version of Finbarr Saunders.

This week is “Batter Week”, so expect some lols.


Apparently the difference in valuation was ten million.

Ten million. What the fuck are they baking for that money?

Muffins of mass destruction?


Just read that Mel and Sue will step down as presenters…that was probably part of the deal.

Thank fuck.

Never rated them as comedians, but on Cake Off they’re a joke…not that I’ve ever watched it…


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I find Masterchef infinitely more interesting than GBBO, it’s far too twee for my liking really. Caught one or two of the celebrity ones they did for Comic Relief and they were more watchable, but only because the celebs weren’t taking it as seriously as the “real” contestants. Seriously love, nobody gives a flying fuck if your flapjacks didn’t come out how you wanted them to - stop crying and get a grip.

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