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6 months minimum surely…?

When I was younger we didn’t start on last years jars until the current ones had been prepared and stored in the back of the pantry.


longer the better but they will be ready in 6 weeks. They get spicier over time.


Fried duck eggs and crispy bacon. Food of the gods.


Pickled Onions are gurt and I love them. They are a Christmas holiday essential.


Not a recipe but gorgeus anyway.


Fresh Tuna seasoned with salt & pepper lightly pan fried in olive oil
Until seared on all sides and the middle is still fresh tuna


I would eat the top picture.


Don’t tell Baz but if you’re ever in Derby there’s an amazing sushi restaurant and the tuna was fucking incredible, it’s the only reason I’d ever revisit the place.


Last time we were in Tahiti my brother in law dragged a tuna out of the depths on a handline. We ate it raw approximately an hour after it was swimming around. That’ll take some beating.


Derby is fucking better than Tahiti and you know it :lou_wink_2:


We did have a large piece which yesterday i cut half into fresh sushi slices and today as shown

All was eaten and enjoyed by the people that tried

when requested for seconds it was “do I do the shopping here” ?


Sorry Gavstar had to place a shit somewhere and derby is about right


Tahitian sashimi sauce:
In liquidiser:

Good oil (but olive is a waste)

Third to Half (finished quantity) oil if you put less oil the sauce will be too thick and taste too strong. It’s like making mayo and it’s the mustard that gets it to come together with no effort

Lots of crushed garlic.
A third Oyster sauce
Couple spoons soy sauce
Ketchup (less than the mustard).
(It will keep for months in the fridge)


Not a gorgeous recipe as such but just had a very very very surprisingly toothsome rare steak in the Premier Inn restaurant in Cheltenham .

Hope the full English’s as good tomorrow…



Fresh beetroot just boiled in salt for an hour then peeled and eaten warm.

Fingers look like goat’s after he has had a productive day but who cares the food was good.