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:fork_and_knife: Gorgeous recipes


Spot on Baz - a pinch of Cayenne pepper takes it to the next level.

You ought to give the politics a swerve and concentrate on food threads



Garlic in cottage pie? Isn’t that suspiciously close to spag bol but with potato rather than spaghetti?


Fully integrated cuisine.


Last night my 15 year old daughter cooked a 4 course meal for all the parents of the children from her course. It was all at her school in a resturant prepared environment. It was fecking stunning stuff! She has been learning from professional chefs, which will be a huge help for her GCSC in food tech.

So proud, she takes after her dad in this department!






I’m sure it tastes delightful Kevin but I hope you don’t mind me saying she needs to “up her game” when it come to presentation on this one. A bit too Jackson Pollock for my liking. :lou_wink_2:


Are they running short of plates?


Well you know, the education cuts and all,


Looks like she did really well.

Cut out that weed Rocket and I’d be all over it



Why deconstruct? Why not present in the manner it was supposed to? I can not wait for this fad to die off, most people do not want to eat on brickies shovel or pelicans arse.

That food and menu look lovely though, I hope she did well.


Here’s a few recipes to follow.





“An unhealthy pre-occupation with preservation and decay”

Pickled onions:

non-spicy: coriander seed, fennel seed, white mustard seed, black mustard seed, white pepper corn, cassia bark, cardamon, bay leaves.

spicy: coriander seed, white mustard seed, black mustard seed, white pepper corn, black pepper corn, bay leaves, pimento, crushed chillies, home grown jalepenos.


Look more like pickled bollocks.



Why is there a strawberry in one?


I am fluent in that