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I would probably spatchcock that.


It’s nice to see Lou’s avatar at the top of the page. I miss Lou :lou_sad:


Now you have said that she will be back on board saying

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Right, time to get this back into circulation

yesterdays dinner…

take 8 large spud and slice thinly (use a mandolin)

3 onions given the similar treatment

leaves from a bunch of thyme

mix that lot in a bowl, season to taste and put into the bottom of a deep roasting tin

take a shoulder of lamb and place on op of the spud/ onion layers

take one head of garlic, peel cloves and shove into lamb in holes - make sure lamb is skin side up

pour on 600ml of chicken stock

Bung in oven at 130c

go for walk

go to pub

drink several pints

return to house 5 hours later

remove from oven and rest for 20 minutes

cook veg if you have to

decant a nice cotes du nuits

enjoy slow roast lamb and boulangerie potatoes


Or, mix a tblsp of plain flour, a load of dried thyme and crushed garlic & half pint of milk. To a pan, layer red onion and sliced spuds, and pour over liquid, salt and pepper to taste, (hey presto Dauphinois spuds. (can substitute cream for milk btw).


Can somebody incorporate the Sunday Roast thread into this one?


Ritz crackers spread with salted butter, a slice of tomato with a slice of fresh tuna sushi topped of with a dollop of Camembert cheese.

Just right with a glass of red wine for the mid afternoon snack.


Now you’re talking @philippinesaint

Let’s go '70’s with pineapples onna stick and vol -au-vents too (is that how you spell them?)



I love doing roasts, always ruffle the spuds, sprinkle salt and cool, you can cook with stock for a bit more flavour.

A healthyish tea I have been doing lately for the little one and we all love is cowboy pie, simple and lovely

5% Mince
Tomatoes tinned
Baked Beans
Maris Pipers
x2 Oxo
Tomato Paste

For Mash
English Mustard
Butter/Oil Olive no where near as good
Semi skimmed milk

Quick, easy, lush


@cobham-saint And I was so looking forward to the main meal I have prepared for this evening.

Duck a’la Orange with Dauphin potatoes followed by a Black Forest gateaux

with a nice cooled Black tower white wine.


Jesus the 70’s must have been shite to live in for grub.


Yep it was

The only pub grub was ploughmans or scampi and chips. Possibly a chicken leg and chips.


A good ploughmans is lovely.


Depends on the cheese on offer with a selection of good pickles and a nice freshly cooked piece of bread.


A bit of stale cheddar some soft pickle onions and a quarter of a French stick that could have been used in a rounders match yesterday with the unsalted butter of course.


You could say the same about any meal.


Dreary Sunday afternoon - raining.

Roasting a Chicken, smell of sage and onion stuffing wafting through the house.

Roasties going on in a bit.

Pure comfort - soul - food.



Cottage pie on the menu today

one of the best ways to recover from a brutal encounter with the westerhall


Worcester sauce and tomato paste essential, loads of garlic as well, I usually only add carrots and onion with the mince.


Same here but Diplomatico for me :lou_wink_2:


Spoonful of marmite.