Goaty Gadgets

Goaty Gadgets


This interview with the company behind it says that it could be produced for ‘the price of an SUV’.

First gen, so I’ll give it a swerve until version 3, but it’s a stunning concept.


You want to sit in a plastic drone??? Are you all MAD…OK silly question. :lou_lol:
Of course you do.

…and can you drop off a few Amazon packages while you’re at it.


Where am I supposed to store the hog-tied?


Bound to be van-sized version soon. Much less chance of being pulled over :slightly_smiling_face:


Jeez a “White Van” drone…now there’s a frightening thought. :lou_facepalm_2:


Can you imagine THOUSANDS of those being flown unfettered by the kind of idiots who now drive 20 year old Subaru Imprezas?

If you want your kids to work in a growing industry, get them to train as Air Crash Investigators…they are going to need a lot of them.


Just think we could escape from the Betty Ford Clinics that are oil rigs and FPSO’s with out requiring a helicopter

Down side how many more prison breaks willl occur ?


@Mangobean these are the ear plugs I recommend. Also cuts out a load of the chatter around you. I even use them on noisy tube journeys.