Goaty Gadgets

Goaty Gadgets


LOL … $8,999.99 … plus $5.49 p/p… tight c**ts !!


Someone sold a £5 note for £80k on eBay and charged £2.95 for postage… now that’s very tight.

What does make me laugh on eBay are people that have a starting price of 0.99 on a £5 note and there are people buying them for around £1-£2. Well look after the pennies!


Top prezzie from Mrs G:

I have no idea how it works.


Don’t worry mate…I’ve just downloaded the Instructions from their website…here are the main functions…

Happy Christmas.


It’s here.

It’s Monday and I’m in Love.


Santa’s just been and dropped off a harmonica in G.

Ker Ching


Most gadgety thing I got was a new touch screen kindle. Due to my vision I like the non back lit ones so not one of the most up to date.



Mrs C_S has played an absolute blinder and got me a couple of genuine Neanderthal artifacts - an arrowhead in good but unused condition and a scraper which had been used.

Bought from a very reputable source so not a modern knock off - No, she didn’t buy them from LITSL or SOG, though they did offer…

I like my gadgets low tech tbf


Oh, and she got me and Teenage Mutant a Zimbabwean Fifty Trillion Dollar note each, from the bad old days in 2008 when inflation out there went absolutely fucking mental.

The note wouldn’t have even bought a loaf of bread.


I have to say I was disappointed with the offer for the crushed Richard III spinal disc. It was authenticated as a congenital spinal disorder not later car park damage as you wife suggested. :lou_eyes_to_sky:


A couple of Anker chrimbo gifts:

Got a pair of these Soundbud curves:

They are very comfy and haven’t cut out once yet. This is unfortunate as I’ve heard every second of Saints getting dicked at Wembley.

Got one of these Soundcore nano speakers for Kid Goat:

It’s tiny. It is fucking loud! She loves it. Cost me £6 in the sale. Unbelievable.


Not strictly a gadget but Mrs C_S has got me hooked on an app that’s apparently taking Mumsnet by storm

Flightradar 24

It’s a realtime flight tracker. Totally useless, but if you want to check the progress of the 16:00 flight from Heathrow to Seoul, balloons in the Caribbean (I kid you not), wonder about why there are no flight in Yemen or N Korea for that matter, or even why all helicopter flights from Aberdeen all seem to finish in the North Sea then it’s the app to download

I didn’t realise there are so many planes in the air at the same time

I will probably be getting the paid-for option soon…very sad I know.


I got some bluetooth soundbuds before my trip away. They’ve made my commutes and travelling around the borough so much better and I am not getting tangled up anymore.

Also picked up that little speaker and agree. It’s fab.


Seems as the missus and I both have QI capable phones I got this little powerbank thing, I must admit it rocks. Although I wasn’t expecting a power button on the side and was wondering why QI charging wasn’t working and was about to return it.

There was a severe lack of instructions to be fair.


Got some of the blue ones yesterday, they were only £1 more expensive.

I love them



Want one


Get behind me in the queue


Hang on is @saintbletch on commission?