⛺ 🎤 Glastonbury 2020. The Big 50 🎂

Someone has to fly the true Hippy Flag in an original VW Campervan

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I have a rather fetching pair of pale and dark purple leopard print Golddigga wellies. They’re horrific but comfy.

I’m doing it as she said we can’t go, this means we’ll get the tickets, we don’t have the time.

And 75% of the tickets should go to the under 30’s and if you been one year you can’t go the next, fairs fair.

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Tbh karma usually works that way. Getting through 2 years in a row is in the lap if the Gods not your social standing or age :roll_eyes:

But for fairness’s sake one year in one year out is the best and fairest way of doing it, people continually going is actually do nothing for the festival’s progression.

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Totally agree, hopefully it will start in 2021…



Offer is still there, @Barry-Sanchez . I will get you tickets if you admit that your objections are just a farce of envy.

Nope, don’t need to cheat, goes against my principles, its cheating and not socialist, purely selfish capitalism.

My ideas and beliefs on it are above, sidestepping for a weekend won’t budge ha ha fuck me, principles for a weekend? Come on Pap, I knew you were a liberal but fuck me I didn’t know you were that bad.


A few years ago, going to Glastonbury at all was against your principles.

We are clearly not dealing with a speed of light universal constant here.

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No it wasn’t, its funny how everyone looks sheepish on here though, the irony of middle aged people taking tickets constantly isn’t lost upon me, I suppose you defend ticket takers for scousers who can’t go to the game, are you called Gekko in Nogsy?

I genuinely don’t have as much interest in Liverpool FC as you do, Bazza. I didn’t know these cunts existed.

What did you have to pay them?

One whole bar of smuggled Nazi gold bullion? The in-laws won’t be pleased.

This Pap is years of knowing you is a new low, fuck me its terrible. Banter it isn’t, what is it? Its wank, try again.

Fuck me mate, I didn’t realise it was two bars of smuggled Nazi bullion. What competitions did you do? Carabou Cup?

My point being is you’re acting no better than the touts outside Anfield selling tickets to Norwegians, fucksake. I thought Glastonbury was supposed to advance equality and fairness?

Boys could you take your juvenile behaviour elsewhere?


I’m probably taking mine to Glastonbury :slight_smile:

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Capitalist hypocrite, so much for equality.

Damn, this thread is so true to the Hippy roots of peace love and understanding…