Glastonbury 2020. The Big 50

Not sure I’ll make it but process to be followed.

We will try as usual but have a back up plan and if that fails we will head to the med for a week or two.

Think 1 of our krew will pack it in, not sure Polish wage levels will be enough to cover the cost tbh.
Will see.

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This year was so good, what if the next isn’t. Go out on high. :grin:

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And again, daughter will be there and I wont. A week of peace


I may go. The missus probably won’t. I am too much of bad boy and disappear for days on end, apparently.

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The capitalist ticket takers swarm once again to deny youth a chance of fun… #tories #probablyusetoflogthemontheside

Going for it again then Baz?

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Fuck you, @Barry-Sanchez. After all your criticism of Glastonbury being not edgy enough, I spent several moments in Glastonbury 2019 just waking from a standing dream. It took me two hours to find my campsite, and one hour to find my tent when it was less than 30 metres away from me, with a big fucking flag saying “West Derby Dawgs”.

Amazingly, there people even more fucked up than me.

Defo, I’m due a ticket.

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They took that flag down as soon as your back was turned.

And put up Liverpool fan tory ticket taker sleeps here.

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You lent them YOUR flag? Nice.


No my one says Bazza is a legend and a wanker.