Giving Is Saintly

Giving Is Saintly


A Saints’ pin badge once got me a smack round the head. I’d taken my new girlfriend out on my motorbike to Alum Bay, where we went on the chairlift down to the beach. On the way back up, one of the blokes whose job it was to help people in and out of the chairs, spotting the badge on the collar of my denim jacket, yelled: “I fucking hate Southampton supporters”, and punched me as I went past. :slight_frown:


Is ‘taking a girlfriend to Alum Bay’ a euphemism?

On account of it being an anagram of Lay a bum?


Bletch, have you ever considered getting treatment for this compulsive anagram setting? :smile:


I’ll treat my neuroses when you get treatment for compulsively avoiding questions

:confused: *

* Bletch is not having a stroke, it’s just that pap got the emoticons for from Aldi.

I see letters


Ok, it wasn’t a euphemism; we went to Alum Bay - famous for its multicoloured sand - because she wanted me to fill her pretty receptacle with all the colours of the rainbow.


I feel sad for the British Heart Foundation! Can someone at least give them a sympathy vote!!


Nah, the are wankers tbh. So Many reasons, from taking floras money to advertise a plasic seller as something that’s good for your heart to:

Give it to the small local charity with the cash going to those who need it.


Just Giving page is now set up. Link below:

For those of you wanting one of the sotonians 100 founding centurion badges, I will bring some along to the matchday drinks meet ups (badges due to arrive before the end of August).

If you are based abroad or would rather have a badge posted to you then please PM me your name and full shipping address.

I will cover the cost of the post but please give generously on the link above.

Cheers me dears. :laughing:


The sotonians founding centurion badges are due to arrive this week. I will post a photo as soon as they arrive.

I will bring some along to the pre Norwich drinks meet up(TBA).

Please PM me address details if you would like one posted to you and feel free to make a donation.


I’ll donate, I have to work most weekends but if we can get past FC Mittleworthington, I could get to some Sunday games. I don’t need a badge though


I will match your donation TedMaul :laughing:


£20 :laughing:


Originally posted by @TedMaul

£20 :laughing:

Matched. Many thanks TedMaul.


Target: £1000 :laughing:

Current total: £110 :slight_frown:


Bump :slight_smile:


Come on viewers…stump up, it’s for Charidee and for those who need to claim it back on expenses you’ll get a receipt from PayPal. :laughing:


I can advertise it on the wider Sotonians social media if you want, Goaters.


Yes please pap. And thanks for your donation. Current total £150. :laughing:



Get retweeting :slight_smile:


Donated £20. Oh and Bump!