Giving Is Saintly

Giving Is Saintly


First Sotonians propaganda to feature the logo :laughing:


Me and GBoy were pretty much points neck and neck until this materstroke.


You ain’t lying, Toke.

Gay Boot’s message was like those emails I always ignore…

Dear Sir,

I will do this almost impossibly altruistic thing for you, but first you need to do this tiny thing for me. I have 6,000,000 Nigerian deposited at the National Bank of Nigeria. I need to get the money overseas so I can make some charity badges for some saddos on an Internet forum. The problem is that I first need to raise 15 up-votes. Please help me, so I may help The 100.

Yours topoftheleaderboardingly,

Gay Boot.

It sickens me to my stomach, but you’ve got to admire his creativity.


Exactly bletch. Only wish I had of thought of it myself!


It would have been cheaper to slip pap a few quid :wink:


Do you have an inhouse facility to make these badges GB or are you going the oriental child labour sweat-shop route. :smile:

Just askin’


Here is a pic of Gboy at the last drinks with Lou thing… make up your own mind.


I’m spreading the love to the Far East. Using a supplier that I have been dealing with for over 5 years.


Cheap metal badges Tokes. Ours will be in finest hard enamel.


Still no risk assessment has been produced…


I’m ready:


Has sir ever considered that we’re the sort of hard-living, grizzly non-complainers that don’t need no stinkin’ safety advice?

I would understand were this not the case.


Back in the day, I used to really love a badge.

There used to be a shop in Gosport High Street that pretty much exclusively sold badges - Studio 6…Seems like they’ve since moved to here - and perhaps also closed down. We’d make our way there on a Saturday and look in the window where the owner displayed all the new badges. There was some from of higher economics going on because he never used to make enough of the ones we wanted, and the ones we wanted were always much more expensive than the ones we didn’t.

[Bletch is attempting to channel Turkish here]

After my Harrington jacket and Crombie coat had to be retired for reasons of fashion and fit, I removed my Ska/Mod badges and instead sported a wonderful Italian army jacket (which went very well with my sta-press trousers and Chinese slippers), and over my left breast I wore a Japan pin-badge.

Happy days.


May I shamelessly direct the stylish gentleman to my website?:




To Turkish…for being you…and for being there.

Now that is a walk down memory lane, Goatster.

As a result, I’m toying with getting the band back together.

But I can’t wear these again…

…for a start the soles are too flat, and as Rust Cohle will attest, when you’re as talented a veteran footballer as me, you have to look after your soles. These were Chinese slippers back in the day, now known as Kung Fu shoes - whatever that means. If memory serves those soles have exactly the same pattern my last pair had.

So as I bought my first pair of DMs in 30 years earlier this year, I’ll wear them.

I’ve found the Italian Army jacket online for €8:

You have to admit, that’s a suave look. Once it’s stretched over my frame it might not look quite so effortlessly fashionable, but still…

And as I already have jeans by Marks and Spencer, all I need now is 3 badges to go on my jacket to make my mashup complete.

Help me decide - votes please.

This selection from the excellent Goatboy Badge Shop (His real name is Lily-Aimee)…

No need to explain the significance of this one.

I do a lot of walking and stumble across the odd geocache so this won’t look out of place.

As David Sylvian (probably) said, I am a world citizen

When I was 12 my sister (who is RC) bought me a St. Christopher, and whilst I’m not superstitious myself, I think this would make me look more spiritually rounded.

As above

As an 8-year-old, I once got kicked in the kneecap by a 15-year-old DM-wearing, skinhead called Brian Bogey. He didn’t even bother to dismount his bike to do the kicking. As I watched him ride off into the distance, through sobbing eyes I thought “Wow. I’ve got to get myself a pair of those boots”.

True story.

I never joined the scooter craze, I was obsessed with making two-stroke, 50cc engines go as fast as I could. So I lusted after the Yamaha FS1E and the Suzuki AP50. The 50cc Vespas in the school car park were snails by comparison. But as I’ve got older, and having spent a couple of weekends in Brighton during rallies, I get it now.

BTW I’m not talking about the original scooter craze, I’m talking about my generation here.

As a teenager, I painted the alternate walls of my bedroom (more like a cupboard to be honest) black and white, and hand-painted these next two characters on the walls.

So which ones do I chose? Ahh, if only Turkish were here.


Dear Bletch…having identified you as THE leading Sotonian fashionista, I was wondering if you could advise a pretty switched-on sixtysomething on what colour socks to wear with my sandals?


Dear 'slowlane, whilst the answer always used to be a resounding Beige, nowadays the man about town bridges the gap 'tween lilly-white leg and open-toed sandal with Fawn socks. Or, if you’re off to a musical promenade concert, Taupe is the order of the day.

Thanks for contacting the bletch-meister fashion guru to the stars.


P.S. Bri-nylon only. None of that foreign, breathable cotton rubbish.


Phew…thank goodness for that! Fawn is my all-time favourite; Rover and myself stepping out fashionably attired this morning despite the torrential rain. :smile:

I have to say Taupe is not an option I find realiy to hand in my sock drawer but as you suggest, evening promonade attire does require something a little more adventurous. I shall try to sneak that one past the more conserative tastes of Mrs. Slowlane.

Many thanks.

P.S. Don’t you just LOVE the crackle of Bri-nylon.


It’ got to be the stickman with the halo, Bletch!

In fact, I think I may get Goat to send me one of those, myself :smile:


I had a The Who badge when I was younger. I wore it regularly until one day when I was out drinking and a friend wanted to look at it. I took it off and gave it to him and the pin when straight through his finger. Luckily we got to a&e and he didn’t sue me. I’ve never worn a badge since.