:cash: 🚴 Giving is saintly - MoT and BTripz Special Ride!

OK. 15 years ago this week, I cycled from the Riverside stadium to St Mary’s to raise money for the Neurological unit at Southampton General hospital. This was in memory of Richard Bowler, a young 14 year old lad who sadly collapsed and died from a Brain haemorrhage whilst at football practice. This sparked a group of Saints and Pompey fans to do something positive and support a worthwhile cause.

(pic of us after completing with Nigel Quashie)

To mark the 15th anniversary of the event, 2 of the original crew, myself and Pompey fan Neil Westbrook are going to ride twice the distance durning May. For me this is quite challenging given i have been off the bike for nearly 12 months after daughters illness and then Mrs MoTs BC etc, so I a a huge tub of lard right now, so every pedal is torture as I try and get my huge fucking bulk to propel itself forward.

To support this misery and hopefully raise some cash for the Hospital, you can follow the link below and read more about it and if feeling generous donate a few quid.

@saintbletch, any chance of a pin on this one for the month of May?

Thanks in advance even for the smallest of contributions





You are now alive to me again and fill my heart with joy

Oh get a room you two FFS


As of today I am at 103km /1000km so only 897 to go :wink:

Fancy joining the fun?

As in the cycling fun or the sponsoring fun??

Both! extends the range of potential sponsors and you just record you distance over May. I will check with Neil, but am sure he would also welcome an additional bod or two!

I’m up for that, I’m out every other day as it is so it shouldn’t be too onerous, maybe…is that “twice the distance” each or between you?? If it’s each then I need to start going out every day…


Each… follow the link :wink:

I’ll check in with nil and then invite you to teh Strava club and you will need to register with Virgin giving and we can add you to the fun page!

Dude, you re in. I will pm you details etc.

Thanks again as this will help with and raising enormously!

(I had replied to my self!)

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I have now also immortalised you in the thread title!

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Thank you to those who have donated so far, Pap :-), someone fat? and someone anonymous… I thank you even though I no not who you are!


You calling me fat?

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Nope, Goaty, Just forgot to mention you, but thank you!

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I don’t like to talk about my charity work :wink:

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Cheers Fowllyydd our Welsh friend, Cheers Anonymous, whoever you are… you really must add your names or how else will you get your ‘reward’?

Also makes it easier for me to claim the credit

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Cheers CB, Cheers Graham wrigley who ever you are… fuck its heading up quick, we are the New Captain fooking Toms BTripz! - Number 1 single with Benny and Bjorn here we come!

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