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James played here a couple of week ago
By all accounts from mates was an epic gig
Oh sit down


It was bloody great though, wasn’t it? We were in the seats on the right as you looked at the stage. First time I had been there since James in 1999.

Charlatans let down a bit by bad sound. Although, Ever Fallen in Love wqas a great tribute to the late Mr Shelley.

James were just fucking majestic.


I was on the left hand side. yeah I thought the sound was a bit off for the Charlatans which is a shame as really love their stuff.
James were great but I think we got spoilt seeing them headline Camp Bestival and its quite small there. This was my 3rd time I’ve seen them. I wish I had seen them back in the day.


Just back from Wedgewood Rooms where we saw Mercury Rev celebrating 20 years since releasing Deserters Songs, with a stripped down, semi-accoustic set.

First time I’d seen them for 15 years or so and it was quite a change from the usual full-on, over the top sets they do.


Went out on Monday to see Keuning at Dingwalls. First time I’ve been there. Very small venue in Camden. Keuning was (is) the guitarist for the Killers. I’d heard snippets of his new work but thought I’d take the opportunity to see him in such a small venue. It wasn’t sold out which was great for those who did make the effort.
I am not very good at reviewing so think this sums it up best - https://www.standard.co.uk/go/london/music/dave-keuning-review-london-dingwalls-a4013991.html

He was very kooky and it was nice to see him in a different light.


Off to see The Streets at Brixton Academy tonight :lou_smiley:


I wanted to go to one of these but haven’t got my arse into gear to go.

I saw Frank Turner on Sunday at Ally Pally. Once again a fabulous non stop singalong show.


Last night of the tour and it was brilliant.