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It wasn’t a choice last night, but it worked perfectly. Couple of weeks ago me and my mate asked if we could sit upstairs at the Forum, despite having standing tickets. It’s definitely happening.

Also realised that probably 3 of my fave 5 gigs this year have been seated, 2 of those have included orchestras. I don’t even know what I am anymore.






Headed to the beautiful Royal Albert Hall last night to MTV unplugged Biffy Clyro gig. We were up on the first row of the rausing circle. Not ideal for people with aversion to heights (apparently that’s my partner).
Superb show considering they’re pretty full on generally. Hearing the songs in a different way was beautiful.
This was my 3rd night out in a row. I now need a day off to rest. Unfortunately on duty this week. So no rest for the wicked.


Dan O’Farrell in Oxford Street.


Right now.


Off to see Teleman at The Wedgewood Rooms tonight, anyone else going? Looks like I’m Johnny Nomates again tonight and me needing a chaperone in bandit country.


Great gig last night…parking in Southsea doesn’t get any better.
Highlight was a pounding, raucous version of “Dusseldorf”…this is a tamer version…


I didn’t realise the gig was on until I read your post last night. Would have gone had I known earlier.



Never mind…did see an old workmate who’s pretty well a fixture at The Wedgewood Rooms.


Saw Teleman at the Concorde2 (Brighton) on Tuesday night. They are just such a good tight band. Highlight was Song for a Seagull. Didn’t appreciate just how good a song it was until Tues. Pop classic!

Off to see The Orb 30th anniversary tour at Concorde on Friday. Messy.




Headed to Ally Pally last night for Bloc Party ‘Silent Alarm’ gig. Apparently they played the album backwards (I am not very good with remembering titles of song or their order on albums these days) so wasn’t aware. Just read that the album “remains a cornerstone of every 20-something indie fan’s musical upbringing” hey I am 40 and love that album. Great gig. Some technical issues after they finished the Silent Alarm section.
Show marred a little by the inconsiderate people smoking (I thought these youngsters were turning their back on this!) and too much barging (I wasn’t even in a particularly busy area). I may have been a bit grumpy after a long day.

Also where did all the giants come from all of a sudden?


Saw John Grant last night at Brixton. An ex housemate came with me. Realised although we both live in London we’d not seen each other since last August (2017) in Southampton!
John was fabulous. So glad I’ve got to see him live now. Pretty minimal stage and no fancy outfits. He’s very funny and charming on stage.
Bit surprised the gig hadn’t sold out really.
It was the first time I’ve sat with my coat on at Brixton Academy. It did not warm up at all!
We did get daggers from a girl as we accidentally kicked over her bottle of beer that we did not see when she was away from her seat (maybe her companion should have kept a better eye on it). Ops.


Went to see Johnny Marr on Thursday night in Cardiff. He opened with “Bigmouth Strikes Again”, which was a smart move, and alternated his solo stuff 4-5 Smiths tracks. Headmaster Ritual, one of my all time favourite tracks, but quite obscure. Encore was a 10 minute version of “How Soon is Now” 9 minutes being guitar :smile:


Belligerent ghouls, Run Manchester schools. Spineless swines,
cemented minds. Sir leads the troops, Jealous of youth Same old suit since nineteen sixty two

He does the military two-step down the nape of my neck.



Tonight seeing an acoustic set by Ride.

Also down in Southampton for Sean McGowan on 15th December. Also supporting is Get Cape for those of you who are fans and it’s not on your radar. Apparently only a few tickets let.


If you’re going to see “Get Cape” at Half Moon, Putney on 30th Jan get there early to catch the wonderful “Sweet Billy Pilgrim” in support…


Off out to see Charlatans and James tonight. I am so tired I’d rather crawl into bed.


Envious… seen them 3 times; 1991 when I booked them at St Andrews Uni :wink: Tim Booth is truly lovely bloke and legend! and then twice at Glasto in early 90s…

These days, this is still IMHO one of the very best videos of all time…