🗣 Gigs

:speaking_head: Gigs


It wasn’t a choice last night, but it worked perfectly. Couple of weeks ago me and my mate asked if we could sit upstairs at the Forum, despite having standing tickets. It’s definitely happening.

Also realised that probably 3 of my fave 5 gigs this year have been seated, 2 of those have included orchestras. I don’t even know what I am anymore.






Headed to the beautiful Royal Albert Hall last night to MTV unplugged Biffy Clyro gig. We were up on the first row of the rausing circle. Not ideal for people with aversion to heights (apparently that’s my partner).
Superb show considering they’re pretty full on generally. Hearing the songs in a different way was beautiful.
This was my 3rd night out in a row. I now need a day off to rest. Unfortunately on duty this week. So no rest for the wicked.


Dan O’Farrell in Oxford Street.


Right now.


Off to see Teleman at The Wedgewood Rooms tonight, anyone else going? Looks like I’m Johnny Nomates again tonight and me needing a chaperone in bandit country.


Great gig last night…parking in Southsea doesn’t get any better.
Highlight was a pounding, raucous version of “Dusseldorf”…this is a tamer version…


I didn’t realise the gig was on until I read your post last night. Would have gone had I known earlier.



Never mind…did see an old workmate who’s pretty well a fixture at The Wedgewood Rooms.


Saw Teleman at the Concorde2 (Brighton) on Tuesday night. They are just such a good tight band. Highlight was Song for a Seagull. Didn’t appreciate just how good a song it was until Tues. Pop classic!

Off to see The Orb 30th anniversary tour at Concorde on Friday. Messy.