🗣 Gigs

:speaking_head: Gigs


Not at all! I decided to carpe diem and hope I don’t get too caught up with work stuff. I actually tried to get a ticket but fr some reason the bank is declining the payment. Pretty annoying.


If @Intiniki buys me a ticket, I’ll accept a drink off @KRG. You can thank me later for solving this socially awkward situation.


There were 3 seats all next to each other in the balcony…


I may be Fatso but I’m so morbidly obese that I need 3 seats.

Offer withdrawn.

How fucking rude.




I didn’t intend to offend! We could have all gone and had a seat each and have a music based sotonians meet up.


Managed to get a ticket in the end as it was down the last 3.
It will be the start of quite a busy September and October of gigs. I am going to not book much in for November or December so I can rest. Victorious Festival was even a bit of a chore. Getting too old for it.


So, @Intiniki the Sotonians musical offshoot will mainly be


@Fatso for the freebies
@Fowllyd for the esoteric stuff
@saintbletch cos he’ll turn up to the opening of an envelope

Then maybe @lifeintheslowlane for some olds stuff

Actually, I think everyone deserves a mention…

Anyone else I’ve missed ?



I’m not a musical dinosaur…I listen to new stuff all the time. :rage:


You do indeed

Those modern popular musical beat combos are great aren’t they?



Just remembered I’ve got tickets to Thee Oh Sees on Monday.

I’ve already got a pretty hectic weekend coming up (hopefully more on that later), then St Vincent on Tues.

Fuck it, sleep when I’m dead.


Bit tired today, even though last nights gig was done by 10pm. St Vincent was just quite mesmerising and very funny. Bit awestruck by the pianist Thomas Bartlett too. So glad that @KRG mentioned it on this thread otherwise it would have passed me by.

So a headups for John Grant fans on the south cost - he’s playing Southampton Guildhall next Feb. As it’s a Friday night I am also tempted to come down.


Playing at this thing at the weekend. I’ll probably ruin it for everyone.

EDIT: puts the actual link in…


Saw The “Oh Sees” at the O2. Bristol last Sunday, Sounds a bit wank, but they were incredidbly good live.


I hear from a source close to you that Bragg’s heart hasn’t been in it lately. Gets off early at festivals. Never got over the moment he met the Great Paul Taylor at a vegan place in Greenfields *

* Note, forum regulars. ** This was not my statement. This was @Intiniki’s fella’s brilliant piss-take after I met Billly Bragg.

“Oh, I’m sure Bllly Bragg was very pleased to meet the Great Paul Taylor”, he said. I told intinitki’s fella to fuck off and called him a bastard a lot of times in quick succession. Warmly. He was undeterred in this particular line of comedy.

** Yes I am deeply ashamed that I have to point that out.


Saw them in London last Monday. They were fucking incredible. Watching those two drummers playing in unison was absolutely mesmerising.


Yeah I didn’t know too much about them beforehand to be honest. A friend recommended them. Fucking amazing live experience


Off to see this lot tonight, should be fun. Might be up your alley @SaintBristol, if you liked Thee Oh Sees. Or anyone who I infected with King Gizz



This was loads of fun. So glad I, for once, remembered to pick up my ear plugs. Was a proper treat to not have ears ringing and hurting on the way home - which was good, as the trains conspired to make it take an absolute age to get home, having to go right out East (walking distance from my old flat) to then go to zone 6 West :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

In further evidence of how old I’m getting, off to Spiritualized tonight. It’s an all seater affair at The Apollo, and I’m actually looking forward to sitting there and letting it wash over me.

:musical_note: What are you listening to etc

yep that’s a sign, when you start going for the seated. Always have those earplugs (I wear mine on the tube as the decibels are quite loud there too). The most recent sign is that you are happy that whatever you’ve gone to do on a week night is over by 9.30/10pm. But think you are a good few years away from that.