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Bands I particularly enjoyed at Beautiful Days:
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my baby:


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I am in Frankfurt. I flew here this morning, having got back from a stag on Monday.

Tonight I’m seeing King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard. Tomorrow I fly home.

Work on Thursday is going to be the worst day ever.


get friendly with the band and see if they’ll take you on tour with them, then sack off work and be a roadie.


Or groupie


Chief groupie tester is a better job…


One of the many reasons I like Beautiful Days:


Great show.

My god I feel horrendous now. Ambling around Frankfurt in 32 degree heat is pretty much hell. So much so that I’m actually looking forward to getting on my Ryanair flight home.


Have they told you where you’ll be landing yet…and when. :lou_wink_2:


Victorious festival. We didn’t do Friday night but arrived on Saturday to Sleeper. Louise Wener commented that one song was out in the Summer of 1996 when I was at uni in Portsmouth.
To add to the nostalgia Gaz Coombes was next and played one Supergrass song. His solo stuff is good.
Missed a bit of Billy Bragg as he went on early. Rebellious little thing. As ever, great with the crowd, revving everyone up and being political.
We went over to Brian Wilson. One of the most awkward and uncomfortable things I’ve seen in a gig. The band do most of the show. He sits in front of a piano but doesn’t play and does some singing. We both felt he shouldn’t have been up there and wondered if he has much choice. We wondered about capacity.
I headed off to see Everything Everything who were alright.
I finished with Paloma Faith. She’s quite amusing on stage. Has a beautiful voice.

We are going to wait out the shit weather and see the Prodigy in the rain later.


Girl is a big fan. I took her to see Paloma a few years ago. I love everything about her, except her music. Not saying it’s bad, just not my cup of tea. Again, I’m probably not her target market, which is fine.

Edit, her chat on Pip’s podcast was really interesting. As ever, she came across really well.


I think the kindly way of looking at it is…ongoing therapy.
A group of us went to the RFH to see him in 2002 at the early stage of his rehabilitation, again he didn’t do a lot apart from join in. His backing band, (“The Wondermints” in effect) were about the best therapy anyone could have.
At that stage everyone was trilled to see him back on stage.


Yeah. I’ve seen him a couple of times and enjoyed it.

I do get @Intiniki’s concerns. The way I looked at it was a really excellent tribute act, with the composer on the stage ‘conducting’ preceedings.


@lifeintheslowlane and @KRG I walked away from the set as it just felt like an old man being used. I’ve done a bit of googling and there’s a few reviews that suggest the same. In 2002 he was in his early 60s. He’s now in his late 70s. I’ve no isues with ageing old rock stars doing shows. I don’t want to appear ageist! This felt a whole load different to seeing the Stones /The Who etc who are very much into the shows. There was little conducting by him. Mainly from another Beach No. Brian was helped off by a carer and Zimmer frame.
Anyway I didn’t get Good Vibrations.


Yeah I get you…2002 he was 60…76 now. Just Googled for recent interviews but the most recent I found was 2016. He sounded OK his usual slurred voice but a lot can go on in 2 years.
Who knows what he really wants when continuing touring is a nice earner for everyone involved.


Sat out most of today’s Victorious to avoid rain and high winds. So only saw Friendly Fires who were nice enough. Dermot O’Leary was just in front of us enjoying them.
Managed to track down a friend for the beginning of Prodigy. But we were quite far back in the crowd which had suddenly appeared, got a bit closer and stood behind a large puddle so no tall person in front. Had a bit of a dance around in the mud. Thoroughly enjoyed myself.
Also saw James Harkin from No Such Thing as a Fish podcast. Which I think is quite an achievement given I’ve watched the TV show twice.


Just managed to grab tickets for a last minute announced St Vincent gig next week at Cadogan Hall, which will be a first visit to for me.

Don’t think I really need to explain how excited I am for this. Apparently she’s back playing with a full band. Which should be good. I liked the balls of what she was doing with the solo show, and felt it worked quite well for the new album (which she played in full), but the older hits felt a bit lacking.


Tempted myself. But know it would be a solo mission as we are also out on the Thursday for comedy.


If you get a ticket I’ll buy you a drink


Just had a look at not many left now. Not sure by time I work out whether I can go or not there will be any. Decisions, decisions.


I scared you off, didn’t I?