🗣 Gigs

:speaking_head: Gigs


I’m going to this ridiculously niche event to have art happen near me.


Wonder why that hasn’t gone mainstream?


Hard to imagine. I mean, it’s in a fort!

I guess the mainstream are too busy getting stung for 50 notes in order to find out if the band they used to watch for a tenner is worth 5 times that, 20 years past their prime. And who can blame them.


Can you bring your own scrap iron instruments to add a certain spontaneity to the event? I might be interested…is it sold out yet?


I was thinking of getting a group together and attacking the fort. And calling that art.

You can probably get a grant for that sort of thing.


I’m all for that…sounds fun!


Me too.

We should call ourselves.

The UnFortuLot

and we could express our anger by casting the fort as Gomez, casting the occupants as the £50 they want to charge for tickets and bring the battle to life through the medium of flute and dance.

Baggsy I’m in charge of wardrobe!


You’ve done this before!


I favour the Siege Tower approach…


Going to see Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs in Reading in a couple of months. That’s got to count as a proper gig?


Off to see Iron Maiden in Friday at the O2. First time I’ve had the chance, so buzzing for it!!


So yeah, I went to one of the Proms at the Albert Hall last night.

It was an interesting set up. There was an orchestra playing along through out, alongside Hercules & Love Affair who also played throughout.

Various singers would take turns to perform, quite literally doing 1 song before being replaced by the next performer, before returning to perform again.

These were:

  • Serpentwithfeet - didn’t know too much about him before last night. But he came on stage looking cool as fuck, and was a really good performer. Flitting between talking and singing (extremely impressively) , whilst commanding the stage effortlessly. I enjoyed his tunes very much. He certainly seemed to revel in the attention he was getting from the crowd everytime he returned to the stage, rightly so.

  • Nitty Scott - again, didn’t know a huge amount about her but she completely blew me and the gf away. Again, absolutely dripping in cool and charisma. Completely owned the stage, had the room in the palm of her hands. Effortlessly moved between talking, rapping, and singing - in both English and Spanish. She did a mix of her own songs and Hercules tunes.

  • Sharon van Etten - My girl. In so many way the antithesis of the night. Next to the other performs she had zero stage presence. She was dressed in a black suit, compared to the bold outfits of the other performers. She stayed pretty still, and during the music interludes often just turned around and watched the Orchestra. But it works for her, she doesn’t need to be showy, it would probably detract from her songs and her absolutely stunning vocals. Her first track was Afraid of Nothing, and it had me in tears. It was just stunning. The orchestra adding an extra dimension to her tracks, giving them a much grander (unsurprisingly) scale, becoming almost more film-scoreesque. She also performed the track she did with Hercules, Omnion which was just incredible live.

Finally, for the en core, Sharon performed New York I love You, But You’re Bringing Me Down - by LCD. A fitting end to the Sounds of NYC night. I struggle to think of a better cover version I have seen performed.

Was a really great night, if anyone is interested I think it can be viewed/listened to on the Beeb site, here


Jah Wobble added to Sunday’s line up at Beautiful Days :lou_smiley:


I played a gig last night. Even the promoter didn’t turn up. Apparently he’d gone to Boomtown.


What a rat


£45 quid entry on the day (under 12’s free)

I’d expect my money’s worth if I poked up on the day on the off chance of something memorable- I no doubt it will be/was - for all the wrong reasons



So looks like I will have a spare ticket for John Grant on Tuesday 30th October at O2 Academy Brixton if anyone is interested. Otherwise it will go on twickets.


Strangely, I found an old ticket for a John Grant gig from a few years back whilst clearing out last week. I have no recollection of going.


Err sounds like a great review! But I also have forgotten going to things.


I’ve a lot of time for him , but have to decline sorry…dance card is marked elsewhere.