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This past weekend I went to Citadel, previously in Victoria Park (walking distance from my flat :rage: ), in Gunnesbury Park West London.

Unlike Finsbury Park, this was really well organised. Despite this being the festival’s first time in a new location. Never queued more than a few minutes for bars, toilets, water and no problems with the sound.

The line up was pretty solid too. Managed to catch a bit of Goat Girl, The Horrors, La Femme (who were bonkers but absolutely loads of fun, and I will be looking more into them), a bit of Chvrches (she’s very lovely), Goat (again, bonkers but fantastically fun) and Tame Impala.

Tickets were only about £35 too, which seems like a steal given pricing for gigs atm.


I have seen a lot of complaints about the gigs at Finsbury Park. They sound like my idea of hell on earth.


Damn the tour managers!

Enter Shikari playing at The Joiners on 10 Aug when I’ll be at O2 for Iron Maiden!

I know ES are at the Southampton Guildhall on Jan 29 2019, but I’ve always found that such a shit venue acoustically.

Anyone been there lately and can state if any improvements have been made since O2 sponsorship?


Meh. Basically they sound like every single gig ever staged down here. Only 1 hour for the bar? Luxury


I worked there for a number of years. The only real refurb done after o2 took over was to get rid of the curved bars (quicker to serve) and uncover the beautiful art deco mirrors behind them. I’ve not heard of anything to make the sound better as it’s a listed building it could be hard to make any drastic changes. However, I find isolate ear plugs make alot gigs sound better. Wherever they are a heck of a lot better soundwise.


May have to give the plugs a go - just seems to defeat the object really though.

I’m sure they could hang things in the main auditorium to dampen the sound or something (I’m no sound engineer). I think that’s what they used to do at places like Earls Court.


The Guildhall could do with a lot of these and some glue…


I know a man who could probably do a good deal on a lorry load of those fellas.


On iPlayer now.

I enjoyed even though I am a cunt.


point of order - Comedy gigs - recommendations / reviews


I was just replying to the fat one.


I see that Gomez are touring and playing Bring it on in it’s entirety, as bands do nowadays. I saw them a couple years back and it was a lovely trip down memory lane. However, the cunts are charging £32 a ticket (Not including booking fees etc) which is a massive pisstake and I shan’t be bothering. And I’m throwing all their albums out.


…just like your post is a nice trip down memory lane for us all - with you moaning about gig prices again!

Soon you’ll have loads of money and no memorabilia.


I will pay a fair price for a gig. I refuse to be exploited as a man whose gig days are coming to an end and bands know it.

I’ve got tickets to see teenage fanclub and Kurt Vile and about 3 comedy shows lined up. I’ll pay a fair price but I won’t be butt fucked by Gomez. Not again.


£32 isn’t that bad! Bargain. Most gigs are over £50.
I did have tickets for their show in May but had to sell them on. Heading to Victorious festival to see them in a few weeks.


Nice one, @Intiniki, you managed to rub @Fatso’s nose in it, three times there - count them.



I’ve only ever paid over £50 three times - twice for Bruce Springsteen and once for Take That.


£50 quid?!

That’s a few good beers and a curry or maybe a Saints game and some beer…


I can’t think of any band I’d pay 50 quid to watch.



Perhaps Gomez, but certainly nobody else.