🗣 Gigs

:speaking_head: Gigs


A few months ago, in the early hours I bought myself a ticket to an old fave of mine Ugly Kid Joe. I pretty much forgot about it. So here I am on my tod at Shepherd bush. See how much I remember. God I am tired.


Managed to blag a last minute ticket for The Streets tomorrow at Brixton. Bloody excited!


Just booked tickets to see kurt vile on the 9th Nov and teenage fanclub on the 10th Nov. I’m like a rock and roll star, going out on consecutive nights. Very pleased with myself.


This should quite rightly be applauded, you give us all hope.


Thank you gav. It’s not easy living the life of a rock star. I try to be an inspiration to as many as I can. Hopefully I won’t shit the bed on the 11th Nov.


I will wait for an update on this before I try and emulate your crazy lifestyle.


2 nights in a row? Pah often do that. How about 4 nights in a row, in a few weeks at Frank Turner Lost Evenings festival. I’ve had to take 2 days off work to manage it.

Booked tickets for John Grant and hoping my partner will start listening to his stuff and come with me to the gig.


Off to see Frank tonight in Southampton - part of my continued Recovery.


Where is John Grant playing?


Brixton Academy on Tues 30th October. Played some of his stuff to my partner last night. Not sure he’s into it.


You can take me…I like John Grant. :lou_wink_2:


When you go to pick up your ticket to see Stereophonics this coming Friday and discover they have support acts…

A Rap Artiste…


So you go home and you tube and find out it is Plan B.

OK that should make me and Eric full cred innit

Oh and a local institution is also on the bill…

We put up with him 'cos he used to sing OWTS for us at Barasti back when we used to win football matches.


Saw The Manics last night in Cardiff. Really good, first time I’ve seen them live and might be the last tour. Really smart setlist, they didn’t play muchof the new stuff :laughing:


Got tickets for Gaz Coombes at Trinity Church in 2 weeks. He’s so underrated as as a songwriter/musician. His solo albums are pretty amazing. I guess he’s just seen as that guy from Supergrass.



Is that the time?

Plan B on stage in 50 minutes as warm up for Stereophonics. Still at Eric’s drinking Margarita


On my way to the Roundhouse for first night of Frank fest. So glad I took the day off. I am shattered.


Gaz Coombes was superb. The venue was great was great aside from a huge queue to get in :slight_frown: I understand security, but over an hour to get in is too much.


I’m going to call in sick tomorrow and spend the day listening to Gaz’s solo stuff .


I’m off to see Tim Key in a couple of weeks. I’m looking forward to it.


Mate, listen to Matador and the new Album. I think he’s gone under the radar. It’s 25 years since the first Supergrass album.