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Don’t miss Sotonian’s favourites Calexico in The Big Top. :lou_wink_2:


2/3’s thru this now.

Fever Ray was actually at The Troxy (apparently reading tickets is hard). I hadn’t been there before, it’s a really gorgeous old Art Deco building. The show itself was also…interesting. Probably not a surprise if you have heard Fever Ray or The Knife, both delight in their wonderfully weird avant-garde nature. This show was very much built in that image. That said, I enjoyed it very much, there seemed to be more of an uptempo, dancier feel to the tracks live, as opposed to their recorded versions. It worked really well. Would happily catch them again at Primavera, clash permitting.

Young Fathers. A band I have been excitedly yammering on about for a few years now. It was the first time I have seen them at their own show, having previously caught them at Glasto & Bestival. Whilst they were good both those times I saw them, I enjoyed them much more last night. Having their own sound set up definitely made a huge difference.

They are an act I’ve often struggled to describe, partly because they sound like no other act out there at the minute, and partly becuase they quite clearly draw on so many influences (Hip Hop, Trip Hop, Garage, Jungle, Gospel, Punk, Pop). It sounds like it shouldn’t work, but damn it really does. The show was a properly raucous, sweaty affair. Tune after tune, there wasn’t a duffer in the set. The mood oscillated between cathartic & euphoric. One of the best gigs I’ve been to in quite some time. I cannot recommend them enough.


@krg_ ah the Troxy is so pretty! We enjoyed Young Father’s supporting someone somewhere. Really enjoyed them too and meaning to check more out.


Was it Massive Attack they were supporting? I have a feeling I may have excitedly recommended you check them out. Sounds like something I’d do :lou_lol:


Yes it was! Had to go look through my photos to double check.


Gig 3/3 of this was on Sat, I’d like to finish the reviews, but I can’t.

Apparently starting at lunch, then skipping dinner is detrimental to gig reviewing. I remember I enjoyed myself. That’s about it.


Go see Saints of Sin. Local band. They have “Saints” in their name.

They write their own songs, have an album, and they can do it live. Caught them at the Engine Rooms when they were supporting two tribute acts. These were better than all of them.


Sold my Gomez tickets via Twickets in less than 24 hours. They did have £7.80 off me but was pretty easy. It’s a fan to fan site. Though how the actually police that is another matter.


Just got back from The Joiners having seen Ben Marwood with loads of support.

I fucking love live music!

I went into real fan mode with Helen Chambers, who I’d seen before at The Brunswick in Hove.

I told her that she was just amazing and that I couldn’t believe she wasn’t more famous. She blushed slightly more than I did.

I also mentioned that after the Hove gig I bought her album, learned all the words and had just ruined her gig for the 10 people standing around me by singing along v loud.

Anyway, here she is.

Also was introduced to Nick Parker - very witty lyricist and great stage performer. The stand-out song from his set was called Departures but I can’t find a video so here’s one that is nearly as good.

Oh, I couldn’t decide so you get two…


Not current BUT pretty big news about line up changes to a Bucket List band for their “farewell” upcoming tour.

No firm dates announced yet but clearly the tour is set for later this year and will be “global”


Taking The Mothership to see Arcade Fire tonight.

Yes, the last album was trash. Yes, the promo around it was annoying as fuck. But they are still a great live band. Plus mother is probably a bigger fangirl than me, and it is great getting to share that with her.

So, it’ll be a great night.


My mum was keen on Clinton Ford and Vince Hill…a couple for the kids there. :lou_wink_2:


Clinton - no. Vince - oh yes, but you forgot Englebert…

Also randomly, I’ve seen Tom Jones 3 times (uncool BUT bucket list shows tbh). The second time was when my Mum was down here some 15 years ago. She cried with joy when I showed her the ticket and she had to sit down as she almost feinted when he came on stage. She must have been about 67 at the time as well, luckily I managed to talk her out of the whole knicker throwing thing, that would have been a step too far.


Yeah I forgot Englebert, she liked him too. My dear lady wife’s claim to fame is she was at The Gaumont in '63 to see The Beatles, although she says she couldn’t hear a thing because of the screaming…not a dry seat in the house either. She also saw Tom Jones when he took the place of PJ Proby in the trouser splitting scandal.


Waiting for the train home after seeing Tony law. Absolutely bonkers and absolutely brilliant.


Went to Arcade Fire last night. We had really good seats with a great view of the stage in the round. I’m not a massive fan (shock horror) but enjoyed their show, there’s a lot going on. Their two special guest were Florence Welch (a live show I find quite dull) and Boy George. Enjoyed watching all the fans enjoying it all. I think that’s a result of years working in a venue and watching the crowd.


Well i’m a big fan, just not of Wembley gigs. Saying that I’m seeing the Stones at St Mary’s … It has to be their last one!


I’ve beeen to a few gigs at Wembley and know what you mean but I think they did well with it in the round.

Off to the Stones at Olympic Park. I’ve got some tickets for my parents to see them at St Marys. My mum didn’t want my dad to know the cost. It will be on the ticket.


I thought you were cool @intiniki


Fooled ya! Pap will tell you tales of my teen bedroom walls with NKOTB and a lot of Take That. No way am I cool. Sadly.

I just don’t feel the way I do about Arcade Fire as quite a few people I know. Not sure what it is. Happy to listen to it, if it’s on but wouldn’t necesarily think ‘oh need to listen to Arcade Fire now’.