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My mate has always claimed that he is in the video for “Alright”…as the bed is being driven about. I’ve always believed him but as I type this I’m beginning to suspect bullshit.




I’m not sure how else to explain it.

Supergrass hit the big time with Alright.

My friend has always said that he’s in the video for that song.

The video has the band driving around the roads whilst sat on a bed. He says he was on the streets where they drive past.

I have always believed him but am now doubting the claim.


You can watch the video on that youtube


I have


Is your friend in the video?


Will clear things up for you


He could have been cut. The edited video is inconclusive


The Rolling Stones were incredible tonight as always!

Bought tickets today to see Pixies at the Roundhouse next month as well :+1:


my friends gf got him tickets for the show for his 30th - cost about £100 each. The other day, my other friend managed to get some of the ‘lucky dip’ tickets for £30 each.

The lucky dip seats were better :lou_facepalm_2:


Busy few weeks coming up.

Seeing my friends band in Shoreditch tonight.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra tomorrow at the Roundhouse.

All Points East in Victoria Park on Friday - Confidence Man, Superorganism, Hookworms, Young Fathers, Phoenix, Yeah Yeah Yeahs & LCD Soundsystem.

All Points East on Saturday - ABRA, Soulwax, Sampha, Justice, Lorde & The xx.

Then Tuesday flying out to Barcelona for Primavera.

Then the week after that it’s Jack White & Thom Yorke.

Not bad.


I should be working but this is too important. At around 2min 15sec there are 5 people standing by a fence, could you ask your friend if he was with 4 other people when they drove by, this info will prove if he’s telling the truth or if he is just a filthy, lying, scumbag.


I’ve looked and it’s not clear who those people are. I might know all of them or none of them. I will ask my friend to flesh out the details of his story and report back.


Sorry for my attitude mate, was a bit overtired :lou_facepalm_2:


Didn’t notice any attitude, Ted. Certainly no need to apologise, silly sod.


Frank Turner’s Lost Evenings festival the other weekend was great. Thankfully never seems like the same songs are played though of course there are some duplicated through 4 days. Also caught Sean McGowan and Get Cape, Wear Cape Fly.

So tonight I sat in a small basement pub with about 79 other people to see Frank Turner talk about his new album, a question/answer session, a few acoustic songs and then we got to meet him. I got a hug! He is very tall.

I had to encourage my partner to join the queue to meet him. He wasn’t sure about it but think he’s now quite pleased and he asked if there will be more Lost Evenings. There will be but not always in the UK.

Tomorrow night we are off to see the Stones. I am trying to find a bag I can take because you can take a small clutch bag. Fine but I have a home visit before hand where I have to do direct work with kids. Also I don’t own a small clutch.


Sounds like a great evening! I’m seeing the Stones at St Mary’s on June 4th. I don’t have a clutch bag either sadly.



Sean McGowan is growing on me - albeit slowly which is odd because he has all the ingredients to tick all my boxes.

GCWCF is on my to see list too as I loved the Bohemian Teenager album. But hugging Frank? I hope you aren’t going to wash again!


Sadly I have had to shower.

I’ve seen Sam Duckworth before but don’t really know a lot of GCWCF but will be trying to get some of their stiff as we enjoyed it.

Been a fan of Sean for a while. Think we saw him support Delays and Frank early on for him. Big fan of “this old town”. Reminds me of being a teenager down at Mayflower park. But I get some people are not so into him.

We were quite proud watching him at the Roundhouse with a decent crowd. Sean did use one of my photos on his Facebook page that I sent him. Little naughty as he should have credited me.


Apologies @gavstar , I didn’t see my friend on Friday. I have text him today and asked him (a) if he is the video and (b)if so, whereabouts.

He says he was with his family walking when they went passed filming. He says he thinks his family might be the ones we have mentioned.

Now, for me this is highly suspect. I’d know if it was me and my family or not. He seems vague…it could be them or someone else. I think he was probably there as they filmed but didn’t actually make the video so is being vague in order to make this claim to fame. My suspicions were raised further when he didn’t even ask why i was asking. … something to hide I reckon.

I feel as let down as you do, if not more.