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:speaking_head: Gigs


Met some of my Saints friends at the gig so I wasn’t Johnny Nomates…great gig…


Did my first ever solo gig a few months ago. Despite all my fears, no one really seemed to care or give a fuck I was there on my own. I bopped away at the back having a pleasant time. Sad as it sounds, I was proud of that little milestone.

Anyway, back to my ‘Gig-Junkie’ best next week. Fever Ray & Young Fathers (separate gigs) at the Roundhouse. Then Hookworms on my bday.



Belated, but this was bloody amazing. Even if the o2 is the biggest pile of wank ever.


I’m used to it @krg_ …most of my mates have never heard of most of my favourites…they’re still insisting there’s no good music made after 1975. :lou_facepalm_2:


I’ll be doing it plenty in the future I’m sure. Better that than miss out on gigs I’d otherwise really enjoy.


Anyone else waitied until The Stones came a bit nearer before getting tickets?

I’m looking forward to a trip to SMS to watch a bunch of over-the-hill millionaires being paid ridiculous sums of money on the account of past glories, before they inevitably move onto the next payday at another stadium, without a second thought for those left behind to clear up the mess.

It’ll make a nice change.


250 quid to see The Stones?

I’m out.


The stones gigs are pricey. I got some for my parents at St Mary’s. They don’t go out much at all so I think they may as well push the boat out a bit.


Just booked tickets for The Decemberists in November in London.

Currently trying to persuade a mate to come see them again at The Paradiso in Amsterdam. A great venue.


Sorry buddy, like I said, I’m busy.


Worth the price though. Will not be round much longer.

Saw them in Abu Dhabi they were superb. At one point with a family next to us there were Grandkids, kids, parents and grandparents aged from 6 to 80.

Proper must see at least once band. And boy did we sing along.

Their Poland gig sold out in 18 seconds apparently


Now have tickets for SMS as well as Twickers

Anyone want the Twickers tickets?


My partner’s seen them a few times. We saw them at Glastonbury. Well I heard them as the crowd was rammed near us so I mainly saw the backs of people. We have tickets for the Olympic stadium so I might get to see Jagger’s moves.



Let me check dates flights and an excuse for a work trip


For what it’s worth, I saw the Stones at Isle of Wight festival a few years back and it was mightily dissapointing. One of the most dissapointing gigs I’ve ever seen. Possibly a one off but I got the impression only really hardcore Stones fans enjoy them these days, if you are casual like me you find it all a little embarrasing.

I would also give the exact same review about Iggy Pop. Also at Isle of Wight festival. Maybe I’m agesit. Or the Isle of Wight festival is crap.


It never used to be. :lou_wink_2:



Just announced Stereophonics are in town 11th May.

That’s right at the end of the season for outdoor stuff here but providing work stuff doesn’t get in the way - can’t wait - saw them on the beach about 5 years ago with Damascus Saint (who’d never heard of them and ended up buying their albums.)


Or maybe not.


So the cheapest tickets to see the Stones at SMS were 64 quid

Cheapest to see Stereophonics here are 78 quid.

150 quid? Nah, not when I have a cup semi to try and get to…


Would anyone be interested in taking 2 face value tickets for Gomez on Sat 5th May at Kentish Town Forum off my hands? Should be cracking in that small venue but I’ve now got other plans.


My annual plug for Beautiful Days festival. Pretty happy with the line-up this year.

A theme of ‘riot of colour’ for the Sunday so bletch, if you go, you’ll be able to wear that hideous shirt which is usually too much (even for you).