🗣 Gigs

:speaking_head: Gigs


Talking at gigs…

One of my greater moments and memories. Went to see Elton John years ago prob only about 8000 there. It was just him on piano so kind of quiet.

There was a gentleman from the Eastern Meditteranean giving it large and basically showing off. Talking or calling people non stop to impress some bimbo.

Eventually I snapped and asked him politely to be quiet.

I got a tirade of racist abuse back. Fuck you fuck off English fuck. You don’ tell me what to do. Do you know who I am?

I replied yes you are rude and obnoxious and are spoiling this event for everyone.

He pushed me in the chest, again a tirade. I just said walk away now.

He pulled his fist back ready to let fly and vanished. Was lifted head high by about 5 lads and marched to security who threw him out.

Yeah. I’ gone in a group with Dubai Dragons Rugby Team. We got a round of applause from the crowd.

Ah memories.

The bimbo went off and started chatting up someone else who probably drove a BMW


I saw Elton John when he played support at The Royal Albert Hall…game set and match. :lou_wink_2:


I saw Elton John when he was in Long John Baldry’s Steam Packet. Very young, full head of hair, a very youthful Rod Stewart was one of the backing singers. Mid 1960s, in Folkestone.


My next gig will be an improv drone night, with a revolving cast of randomly selected participants.

Suck on that, you corporate shills.


3 Gigs between now and this time next week.

Orbital tomorrow.

Gorillaz Tuesday.

Confidence Man Wednesday.

Death Thursday.


Hmm…sorry to hear that mate. We’ve enjoyed you input over the last few years. Are you sure we can’t change your mind? :lou_sad:


Another trip down the Victoria line to Brixton Academy. Another Charlatans gig. Quite a few songs from teh last two albums but then a lot of their older greats. Can’t believe it’s 27 years since the first album. Burgess doesn’t seem to age.


Off to see Will Varley at The 1865 tonight with a mate. Really looking forward to it.

Off to London on Friday to see him again (Will Varley not the mate!).

A couple of beers first though I think.


Just bought a ticket to see Field Music on March 10th at The Engine Rooms. Flying in from Barbados that morning…hope I won’t be too travel fatigued by the drive from the airport.


Seeing Kendrick Lamar next week. Can’t wait. Dude is so cool that he even rocks a U2 cameo. Imo, one of the most important artists on the planet right now.


Heads up.

Bucket list


We are meant to be going to Paris on Friday to see the Killers on Saturday. Warm thoughts to smelt that snow.


Got a ticket for the Stones at Olympic Stadium for the 22nd May - looking forward to it massively, they’re always great!


So snow doesn’t seem to be an issue on getting to Paris but the Killers have cancelled tonight’s gig due to vocal box issues. Will we ever see them in Paris…


Stones at Twickers

just a small matter of getting to Gatwick by 4am next morning whilst twatted and in charge of three pieces of luggage and the Ayatollah


We now also have tickets for the Stones at Olympic Stadium on Fri 25th May. Bit pricey!


Another superb Killers gig.

Recommend the Zenith venue in Paris. Our hotel is a 10 minute walk from it. Think we may do a few more citybreak/gigs in the future.


About 15 years ago a local pub put on a concert which attracted about 100 people.

It was The Christians. They were as good unplugged as their album (s).

They are in town tonight. I am going.

Can’t wait


Goosebumps & lost voice already ffs

He sounds just the same


Any of you fuckers chaperone an old chap for the Field Music gig at The Engine Rooms. tonight?

Look for a silver-haired gent walflower nursing a pint of Creme de Methe Frappe and wearing a Sotonian badge.