Out at the newly opened Overdraft in Winchester tonight to see Dan O’Farrell and the Difference Engine. Again.

This is Overdraft’s second bar I think along with their first in Shirley High Street. It’s a great place to buy a beer, although it’s a bit long and thin for music. I’ll know more about that later.

20+ ales some of which I bet ant doesn’t even know.


Landed myself Foo tickets at the Manchester Stadium (old money) I fucking love this band.


Another of my unsung heroes…bookings open for the March gig at The Engine Rooms…


Flight of the Conchords tickets bagged for Manchester in March. Get in!


Well done as they were bloody hard to get them in London. I just managed too.

Also bravo on the Foos. I failed on them but sure we can pick them up outside the stadium.


Just got a text off my mate, he’s somehow managed to win free tickets for Weezer tomorrow.

Doing pretty well out of the freebies of late :lou_lol:


Gigs? He not after the Eveton job?


I was peed off as I missed out on Flight of the Conchords last time. I think London gigs are very hard to get tickets for. Even more so now ticketmaster and their little side business are taking god knows how many tickets from fans! Find Manchester has been easier, even more so if you go straight for seated.

On this point of tickets, I find it disgraceful that ticket companies have deals with record labels and band management to take a percentage of tickets and sell on their inflated price. This all came about ironically from fan groups stamping out the individual tout who was shifting them on eBay. Now I think the situation is worse. The individual has no way of making a bit of money, but in doing so have played into the hands of companies instead.

It seems harder to get tickets for sure. So we are back to the old fashioned way of getting them from touts outside of stadiums, some would say we have turned full circle!


We headed down to the beautiful Hammersmith Appollo last night to see Father John Misty. A bit of a struggle after a day of work and I could have quite easily gone to sleep. I didn’t know all the songs but really enjoyed it. It was quite chilled and he was really engaging with the crowd. Think we will definitely catch him again and buy a few more of his albums.




Went to see Mac Demarco in London last night. Was a strange gig. Started off brilliantly but he then proceeded to get pissed and by the end it was a little bit all over the place and people where just streaming out. I stayed to the end. He played for over two hours with the last 30mins being slightly mental. I enjoyed it.


Must admit I haven’t really heard of Mac Demarco. Wiki says he’s influenced by Pavement etc. Always worth staying to the end


These are my two favourite YouTube clips of Mac. I’m not sure who I’d compare him to. He’s quite unlike most people I’ve heard. I can hear a MBV influence in there somewhere. The latest album does sound a little like richard Hawley in places. It doesn’t matter anyway, just enjoy it.


Hey thanks mate, sounds quite like the Strokes first album


Did two nights of The Killers at the O2 this week. Their final 2 shows of the tour. Apparently we are verging on seeing them 20 times. Nothing is probably going to beat the set at Glastonbury this year for atmosphere. Lets face it the O2 is going to struggle a bit there.

I was up in the gods by the stage on both occasions - these seats were available for pre-sale to fans. My friend who came on the Monday told me as we were heading up the 2nd set of escalators that she has vertigo. Good to know. The seats on the lower level were for VIP (i.e. pay double). I’m getting a bit fed up with this happening at gigs.

Thankfully they mixed things up on both nights so it wasn’t the same set. On the Tuesday we got a duet with Bernard Sumner on bizarre love triangle. It felt a little bit strained. But when they played Mr Brightside watching the 20,000 people all move at the same time from up in the gods was pretty special.

Brandon doesn’t chat much on stage but he did on Tuesday and spoke about how he used to be a bell boy thinking about songs and where the inspiration for All these things that I’ve done came from.


Oh Jesus…20,000 people at a gig! I get annoyed when people talk at gigs and that’s when there’s a couple of thousand. I think I’d lose it with 20,000.


Went to see the Magic Band (Captain Beefheart’s backing band, for those who were wondering) at the Garage last Friday. They’re currently on their final tour, as they only have one original member still performing (the brilliant John “Drumbo” French) and he’s calling it a day after this tour.

Although the rest of the band looked surprisingly young, they were fucking great. Really glad I caught them.


Did people speak during the gig?


Not too much speaking near me. I also hate it when people pay good money to have a chat at a gig, or just make out for hours (get a room guys), I remember at the guildhall lots of women would head to teh area near the toilets and just chat for ages whilst the band was on.

In front of us re there was a very drunk couple who seemed to be facetiming it all/taking selfies the whole time. Their adoring public must have been enraptured with it all.


Although I loved the Mac Demarco gig i went to recently i decided that’s my last music gig. I can’t stand the talking. I don’t get it. If you want a night out drinking and talking then what you’re after is a pub. Save £30 or whatever on a ticket and go to the pub. I think I’m more about the comedy gigs now or very small venues.