Getting logged out all the time


Trying to find out if this is an issue my end or with the Sotonians site, but I keep getting logged out. I can go a long period of time with no problem, but them through spells, I can change page, or write a post, or even like a post and then the next thing I know, I am logged out.

I do not have this problem on other sites, like Facebook and other forums.

Do you have a problem with this?

  • Yes I do get logged out
  • No I do not have this issue with getting logged out.

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Have you definitely checked the “keep me logged in” thing? When we had the server restarts yesterday, I got logged out a couple of times and forgot to check that box. When that happens, the length of your login basically depends on you clicking around pages, etc.

Otherwise, make sure you’re accepting cookies from us.


We’re is this keep me logged in? There is no real pattern, sometimes logged in for ages, then while using constantly it logs me out several times. I think it could be the iPad I have!


I’ve just had to log in again


I checked the ‘keep in logged in’ box but still got logged out and had to re-log in again. Twice in two days.


Cool. That is about consistent with what we know to be going on, which is a few server restarts.

Spudders. When was the last time you logged in before today, dude? I am trying to build a timeline.


Probably not for a few days on this device so no cause for concern. :slight_smile:


Yeah, we had some serious issues yesterday. They rebooted the server a few times. They had to switch one of the other sites off due to the problems it was causing everybody else. I would not be at all surprised if it hasn’t been rebooted today.


Had to log in today and yesterday even with that little tick ticked.



Ok. Let me know if it happens again after today.


Still think it could be my device. It happens when a page freezes and takes a while to load, then ping, logged out.

This is my first post since I posted this earlier, but still logged in. 3 hours.


I am getting logged off against my will. This is new and I doubt it is my computer since it is not doing it at other sites.


I’m seeing the same thing papster, but I note that whilst I previously did check the Remember Me box, it hasn’t been checked the last several times I log in.

Upon checking it this time, the MvcForumAuth cookie got set with an expiry of 2016-06-17. It was not set before that.

I’ll monitor it again from here.


OK papster, I’ve just been logged out again. Nothing happened on my end, just refreshed a page and noticed I’d been logged out.

MvcForumAuth cookie still set but now is a session cookie and doesn’t have a long-term expiry.


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Underneath my open tabs, is the message I get a lot of the time. Sometimes I just get logged out without noticing!


Yep I’ve had to log on again this morning


Funnily enough, had the issue the same time as bletch this morning.


I’m also monitoring the ASP.NET_Sessionid cookie now.

Should that change papster? I mean should that change during a day if you stay logged in and the server stays up?


Also had to log in again earlier, that was after having already been on here this morning. When I logged on, the forum froze and then I got this screen…


papster did have his hand up the forum’s arse about 10 minutes ago, Spudders.

That might have been the issue you saw.