Getting a semi on for Chelsea

Getting a semi on for Chelsea


Well, seeing as I started the Wigan thread, and we did alright there, thought I’d get the semi-final thread on the boil.

Out of the teams left, think Chelsea were the easiest team we could hope for. All the pressure is going to be on them.


Keeping a semi going for 4 weeks, think you’re going to need some little blue pills.


Man Utd might have been easier - have laboured a bit lately.

Seems a lifetime ago that we played well at the Bridge and lost narrowly. Anyway if we have four more weeks of Sparky magic then we should be able to give them a few problems.


I’m not getting the slightest swelling for this game let alone a semi. Too concerned about the league. That said the final may bring on full tumescence.


I think I may have “peaked” a little early watching Cedric’s goal



Well, I’m hoping we triumph, obviously.

In the past 24 hours, we’ve been patted on the head, dismissed as a finalist while all the other teams in the draw have been billed as in the last chance saloon to “save their season”.

Yeah, we’re only waiting for our first major honours since 1976 you patronising cunts.


Their condescension reeks of entitlement. Perfect example were the number of Untd supporters who left Wembley last season before the League Cup was presented after the game.

Do you think ANY Saints supporter would have done that…not a chance.

Cunts…every last one of them.


Its the best team we could have got, they didn’t give us a chance against Arsenal or Liverpool last season, I didn’t either but I’m a cunt.


Sorry Accidental down vote, Meant to up vote.


Forget Portsmouth. Southern Manchester United fans are the worst fans on the planet.

When we were drinking before the Cup Final, there was an 80/20 split between Saints fans and Manchester United fans. The Mancunian lads were sound. The Irish lads were sound.

I was walking to the bar, singing OWTS during a rendition from our lot, and this mush tells me to “fucking shut up”, in a manner that implies potential violence.

Hearing that he’s neither Mancunian nor Irish, I ask “where are you from?”.

“What does that matter?”, he asks.

“I’m from Southampton. They’re my team. You’re not from fucking Manchester, and neither is your team”.

I know that we’re statistically unlikely to win anything. I also know that no-one that supports Saints is in it for trophy glory, which is why I’m not as dismissive of Southampton fans from elsewhere as I would be of big club fans.

It will come all too infrequently, but if and when it does, that glory will be ours in a way that “fucking shut up” man from Surrey will never know.

The cunt is probably wearing a City shirt now.


Oi! steady on there Pap, I live in Surrey…

Mind you I think I’m the only Saints fan in Cobham.

From what I can tell virtually everyone is a Chelski fan.

Boy am I gonna be Mr Popular / a target if we give them a good tonking…


Just FYI from the dark side

Yes I nicked it but some lazy git will be on here asking the same damned questions in the next days anyway.

And it’s OK to go there, because Granty was in Dubai yesterday.

For an hour or so… :lou_eyes_to_sky: #transit

Semis are 32k. Finals are 28k. League cup was 32k and went on sale to members with two home games. Source: fa website.

And adult prices for the past two seasons have been £30, £40, £50 and £60…-freeze-090317


Sunday 22nd, 15:00 KO, showing on BT Spurt…

Moanu v Spuds is 17:15KO on the Saturday showing on t’ BBC


So, our semi is on the same day as the London AND Southampton marathons?? That’s not going to make travel difficult at all is it??


Fucking get in

I love BT sport

10.15 out of Bordeaux Landing 10:45 Gatwick

10:45 to 11:45 Trying to get out of gatwick

11:45 to 12:15 Gatwick express to Victoria

Victoria line to Green Park

Jubilee to Wembley Park

Pub by 1pm

This will work

Now to tell the Ayatollah that I will be abandoning her in Bordeaux with the cases


Perfect for me too. Just need ticket for kid goat.




Just saying…

Mate of mine got caught in the carnage a few weeks ago. Keep a close eye on them before committing to paying money


Ticket Info

33,411 tickets


Have already tapped up various Club Wembley links. Doubtful I’ll get tickets the normal way.

Hope to be there, and maybe even attend a Sotonians drink meet. Yeah, sorry about that.


So looks like Members with a purchase history who bought membership before the Wigan Cup Game should be OK for tickets as well as all ST Holders.

Looks like I am OK as one of my mates isn’t able to go and I got in to ask first. May have one single ticket on my Membership but that will go to one of our krew down here.