German Kuntz' Germans About to take on England U21's

Just kicking off.

What channel please Gb?

Sky Sports 1

Got it. Cheers



England 1-0 down and struggling after a promising start.

1-1 Gray

Should’ve had a penalty.

2-1 England . Abraham


Please don’t let it go to penalties again :lou_facepalm_2:

Germany goal ruled offside. Wasn’t. Not sure how we are still in this game.

Extra Time.

T be fair, penalties is probably our best bet. They have absolutely battered us.

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We will have this conversation of our lack of technical ability and all round quality until we have a minimum amount of players from the UK, this as we all know isn’t the English Leagues at all, but on that I am baffled to why Italy always do well.

Aidy Bothroyd was one of the most blatant exponents of long ball hoof I’ve ever seen sfc play against. Not sure how he got this job tbh.


Surprise surprise Redmond fucks it up.

Redmond misses the losing penalty

Redmond misses.

Germany through.