🇩🇪 German far right on the rise

Exit polls from Germany suggest that Merkel has the largest party in the Bundestag.

They also suggest AfD, the anti-immigration party, is going to be the third largest party in the German parliament. It’s also going to be the first time the far right has held seats in the Bundestag since the Second World War.

Nothing to worry about, or worryingly like the 1930s?

Looks like the AfD have 13% of the vote - not sure I see the rise of the next Reich just yet, more likely their equivalent of UKIP.

I’m not completely across their policies but they don’t like immigrants, hate Europe, don’t want the Euro and want to focus on getting their country back.

Sounds familiar somehow.


As mentioned on another thread I inadvertently had breakfast with one of the founders of afd who was a great fan of Farage at the time (5ish years ago). They recently had him give a speed didn’t they?

I think the increase in the far right anywhere is a worry and needs to be challenged.


The AfD have played (as always with far right) on peoples fears. The Germans took in 900,000 immigrants, mostly syrian refugees - with a high proportion of men in their early 20s. Not surprisingly, unemployed and bored young men did get into trouble and typically media focussed on their crime… especially intimidation/assult on women… by a small minority it has to be repeated. A naturally conservative people have been freaked out by the equivalent of the Daily Mail… and as others have said, they are not too disimilar to UKIP, but seem more direct about their anti-immigrant policy unlike UKIP who tred to ‘hide’ it…

New Zealand as well, Winston Peters will be King or Queen maker over there, Mama Merkel is in for one hell of a ride now, at least she got the cheap labour in before the shit hit the fan, this Jamaica coaltion is going to be interesting.

@barry-sanchez What does the bit in bold mean?

A coalition between the greens, FDP and CDU/CSU, the colour of the Jamaican flag.

Merkel’s a tory anyway, Schultz is centre left and he has got his arse kicked.

Absolutely nailed it saintbletch, one sentence is all it took. Wish i’d written it.

Sadly i fear it will be completely lost on the naive ideological Brexiters, who somehow have deluded themselves into thinking that the UK can have an extremely messy divorce from Europe, end up alienating our European neighbours and allies, who, let’s be frank, are shaking their heads in amazement at our ‘Little Englander’ mentality, and somehow end up in some kind of nationalist utopia. Standing shoulder to shoulder with the USA, us on one shoulder, Israel on the other, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and our ever diminishing allies nodding from the side lines like those little dogs in car rear windows that really piss you off at 7-30 in the morning on the M 27. With the volotile state of the world at the moment it is naivety to the point of madness. Already last week we had a statement from our Foreign Office saying that we would give support to the US if they take military action on the Korean peninsula. Crazy! But make no mistake, this will be our role if we ‘go it alone’. ‘Taking back control’ and handing it to Trump and the Military Industrial Complex. We will have nowhere else to go. To believe that it is the best interests of this country to leave an alliance of our closest neighbours, educated, cultured Europeans, and jump into bed with the neanderthal Trump and the absolute clusterfuck that is the U S of A is surely treasonable. America’s bitch. Surely were are more worthy than that.


There are some proper sterotypes in the above post, you didn#t even mention other democratic nations veering to the right, are they cultured? Our right wing is a tea party compareo to the cultured europeans who have long established ones, don’t forget we’re aready pretty centre ground compared to most nations anyway, Merkel is a religious tory, the ignorant on here think she is some left Corbyn, fucks sake lads, do some research.

Yeah no worries about right wing rise here …

Fucks sakes, lads.

We’ve got a Brexit ramifications thread. Can you imply that anyone who disagrees with you is some kind of Nazi there, please?

Keep it all in one place, like?

Infinite face-palms. :lou_facepalm_2:


I heard an analysis of the AfD this morning on the Today programme. As much as I hate to side with Bazza on this one (and believe me, I do) apparently they’ve seriously toned down their anti-European stance and focused all their attantion of hating immigrants (or anyone with brown skin, I suspect). According to the commentator, there are more Euroskeptics in Merkel’s party than there are amongst the AfD


This is Gerxit. Different issue.

My thoughts exactly. Amazed at the attempted linkage

Bit like Farage possibly setting up a UKIP-lite party if that right wing anti -Islam candidate Ms Waters gets vote in as leader?

More concerning stuff from Germany. Looks like lots of parallels with the US.

German police in row over far right after officer blocked TV crew at Pegida rally

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