Genuine and sensible parental concern or MORAL PANIC!?


Specifically, the Battle Royale freebie version of the game.

Being played by primary school-age kids.

I have two boys (ages 9 and 12) and one Xbox One. Right now, my youngest boy is playing Forza (a driving game) which I have no real problem with (especially when I take over and insist on driving at the speed limit and avoiding crashes as much as possibe lol) but, if I wasn’t here, he’d be on playing Fortnite against his school friends.

This game is free to download and is basically a shooter where you have to pick off other online players. It actually looks like quite a lot of fun, especially with the added survival aspect involving having to collect supplies. It seems they can also form loose coalitions. However, am I right to be concerned about my 9 year old (and 12-year-old, for that matter) gleefully going around, topping peeps from across the websphere?

Fortunately I had three girls and none of them showed any inclination to get involved in shoot em up games when growing up. I do know a number of adults who spend a lot of time in dark rooms blowing “people” away though. I am in two minds about the whole killer gaming thing. On one hand perhaps it lets people express the violent side of their nature without doing other people harm. On the other could it trigger some kind of behavial trait that might encourage some people to take things further? As a kid I played cowboys and indians and war games with my mates and havent turned into a psychopath. Mind you, that was in the days when TV and film showed people who were shot or stabbed falling down without any sign of blood and guts. After the likes of Saving Private Ryan and seeing what war and armed conflict does to the human body, I am not sure I would have played those games if I knew what the real end result would look like. Sorry, going off at a tangent, but as an older adult I do find the whole concept of shoot em up games a bit worrying.

Its a difficult one as fortnite has been designed with a cartoonish feel unlike PUGB but has exactly the same goal ie kill you opponent, its a good game as well albeit with a huge gulf between the good and great player, one hour a day rationing.

My 13 year old is a big fan and play regularly with his mates. I have taken a look at it and it does not glorify violence, in fact once someone has been eliminated from the game they just disappear from the world, there is no blood or guts or graphics of dead figures laying around. The only thing I wouod look out for is that there are skins and in game purchases to be had, I have agreed with my boy that he can purchase up to a certain amount. The game runs in three (or four) month cycles so they will need to update occasionaly to stay current.

Listening to him play he is constantly talking with his schoolfriends and as we live pretty remote thats not a bad thing in my view.

I understand the concern, but I wouldn’t be too worried about Fortnite.

As has been said, it doesn’t really do gore, and I wouldn’t say it glorifies violence particularly.

Admittedly, I’m not a parent, but if I was I would be more concerned about some of the Gaming YouTubers/Streamers that a lot of kids seem to watch.

Oh, don’t get me started on those bloody youtubers, with their over-excited rhetoric.

Youtubers of choice for my kids appear to be DanTDM (although, as I understand it, he’s a bit passe now), Stampy, and that fucking annoying Manc, iballisticsquid.

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I have to admit (as a life-long gamer, and now someone that works in the industry) I absolutely cannot fathom this phenomenon.

I’ve heard of DanTDM, who despite being a bit excitable, is at least kid-friendly. The stories you hear of some of the vile, things some of them come out with is pretty gross.

My kids played shoot em up and GT Auto type games from an early age.

They get out soon.

Just kidding. Just about balance give them some real misery and some moments. 9 is a bit old to expect them to want to see Peppa Pig at Paultons every weekend…

Local lad the Stampy bloke (skate). Worth £9m.

You know you are getting old when you don’t have a clue about current cultural references. I think I will go and listen to a Yes album.


They should be out robbing/getting fingered behind shops. The kids of today. I despair.


I didnt know whether to vote up or down on that as who was doing the robbin or the fingering?

Bloody heel this thread is my life with my son at the moment.

I got him Fortnite, I’m OK with it, he talks to kids in other countries and plays with his schoolfriends. The game also teaches them strategy, think of it as a Minecraft but with guns type thing.

As for the YouTubers they all annoy the fuck out of me DanTDM, iballistictwat, Stampy Short Dick, something orange. They’ve all got annoying voices and they all yell.

They get paid a feck of a lot for doing what they do though so it must be good for them.

I have to restrict my son on the PC otherwise he would be on it all day long, 2 hours a day is enough for Fortnite thank you.

@bathsaint as you’re on an XBox one have you signed up for Microsoft family so you can control their times and see what they’re doing. A bit big brotherish I know but you’ve got to be a little careful.

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Surely things aren’t that bad? :lou_lol:


Have your kids ever broken a window? I bet you have!

Double glazing has added to the lack of it along with bow and arrows, BSA 22s, catapults and various balls.


Where i grew up (late 70’s / early 80’s) there was fuck all to do so inevitably we were drawn into acts of anti social behaviour for shits and giggles. From trying to set fire to the school sign to putting flour in the petrol tanks of the PTA members during an evening meeting to nicking garden implements for presents for parents, I think it’s safe to say we were a right little bunch of cunts. I would despair if my nippers ever got up to that sort of behaviour. However out of our little bunch of bastards one became a Uni lecturer, one is a senior Copper and one conducts research after he completed his PHD. Maybe it’s just a rite of passage? Heaven knows.

But we never used the shops to finger lasses, that was always done “up the garages”. Urban class, that.


No such going ons in Winchester, I can assure you of that :lou_wink_2:

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To be fair, I’m happy with most of what they do on line - as long as I don’t have to listen to those annoying fucks on youtube who, as you rightly say, yell in those annoying voices.

I’m minded to give in on Fortnite and let him fill his boots. At age 9, what was I doing? Playing ‘War’ outside, running around with toy guns, playing with toy soldiers, etc. The consequences were no more real than they are on the Xbox and, as you rightly say, I have Big Brother control over the thing and I pay the bills.

At the moment, our cardinal rule is that devices don’t go upstairs so, for now, no computers, phones, tellies, Xboxes, ipads, etc disappear upstairs.


Now that is a good idea, I have no issues with TVs upstairs but I do think we need to remove tablets and phones (now try to convince my wife of this).

I did say ‘for now’. I know I’ll have to cave in on this one at some point but am holding out as long as possible.

The main downside is that we get subjected to that fucker Squid (in my opinion, the worst of the lot) yelling in his Manc accent.

For those of you who don’t know what I’m moaning about, I defy you to watch this (with volume turned up) for more than 5 seconds without wanting to rip your ears off. It also features Fortnite, the game in question.

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