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Yes I do use HDR but I don’t go for the extreme effects…it just looks overdone for me. You can easily get seduced with the “other-worldly” effects when you first use it, (and I did) but now I use it to add depth to the shots.


Not seen it used much in mono but it adds real depth , not sure it would work well for wildlife but it’s a cool technique


The way I use it, most purists will tell you is not real HDR. To make a “real” HDR image you make at least 3 bracketed images of the picture +/- 1 or 2 stops apart. This more or less removes moving images, you have to use a tripod. I make the 3 images +/- 2 stops when I process the .raw file…I shoot the single picture as normal. Anything, motor racing, wildlife, landscapes, sport.


Nearly stepped on this walking the dog this afternoon…


I’m surprised nobody here was out in the rain taking pictures of the puffer-train last weekend.

I took 2 pictures…one coming into Southampton and one going out…





Wasn’t that during the last match of the season? I’m saw the train coming into Southampton Central at about 13:30 I think


Nicely taken bud


No this was the “Flying Scotsman” this Saturday past…the 21st.


Taken whilst out for a spin.


What was the one that went through Soton Central on the 15th then? Looked like an Orient Express type thing, loads of Pulman carriages.


Crystal Palace co-owner Jeremy Hosking owns a steam train and set-up an excursion for their supporters for the last game of the season…http://www.cpfc.co.uk/news/article/jeremy-hoskings-steam-train-to-southampton-3068247.aspx


On Saturday afternoon they sneaked another Flying Scotsman excursion in a loop from Salisbury to Soton, Eastleigh, Chandlers Ford back to Salisbury. This time there was no media ballyhoo so things were quiet down Redbridge way and I got the shot I wanted. :lou_lol:

BTW a nice browser extension to view picture thumbnails…Imagus (hover zoom)



Normally I’d want to shoot a drone if I saw one but some cool stuff in here.


I’d love a drone…I can see the downside of them but can’t undertand a blanket hatred of them some people have.

In the wrong hands they can be intrusive and downright dangerous but every TV drama uses them and the shots can be amazing. So cheap to add dramatic scenic shots where they previously would have to had to used a helicopter.

I wonder if Ted has drone flying skills?


Nice shots of the train, 'slowlane.

Shame that twat in the Beetle kept parking in-shot.

Probably broken down, but that’s old air-cooled engines for you.


It’s not a fuckin’ Beetle…it’s Italian designed, bodywork handbuilt in the Karmann factory using VW mechanical bits. It’s a '50s design classic I tell you. The train just happend to be passing when I clicked the shutter.