🗳:tories::labour: General Election 2024

Or perhaps, in some places folks would rather vote for a fictional made up Reform candidate, than any one of the established parties at all. Jeez

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Did somebody win?

Nobody won, but one party lost less badly than the others. :smile::smile:

Arguably the previous incumbents got off Scott-free with the mess they left behind for Labour and the nation to live with / sort out.

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Can’t argue with that.

There are no parties.
Only Donors


Is always the way - if things were hunky dory the Tories would still be in there. The govt stays until the electorate cannot stand it any longer

A bit like what happened when Labour got turfed out last time

Rinse and repeat :man_shrugging:

Remember John Major and his “family values” campaign, while seemingly his entire cabinet had bits on the side and it turns out even he was knobbing Currie on the quiet??

Good ole Rupes

Fuckin as mental as ten rolls of rubber wallpaper and a bucket of soapy frogs :eight_spoked_asterisk:

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