Gay Abandon 'sacked' from match threads starting duties

Gay Abandon 'sacked' from match threads starting duties


It is with deep regret that papsweb T/A announces that Gay Abandon has been relieved of his official match thread starting duties by mutual consent with immediate effect . After long discussions between the papsweb board of directors and Gay Abandon, an agreement was reached at 18.26 this evening. Following two straight defeats against Stoke and against Mancester City, the papsweb board and Gay Abandon agreed that a change of approach would be best for all parties.

Papsweb would like to thank Gay Abandon for all his hard work in starting the official match threads over the last 2 games, and wish him continued success as a poster on the forum.

Gay Abandon took over official papsweb forum match thread starting duties following the surprise resignation of the highly successful Cracked Rib, who still remains papsweb most successful match thread starter, undefeated after 5 games.

Papsweb will now look to take its time to find the right man (or women) to take on this important role.

No further statement or any further details will be made public at this time nor will any details of the severance package.

28 November 2015

  • Papsweb was right to ‘sack’ Gay Abandon from match thread duties
  • Papsweb was wrong to sack Gay Abandon after only 2 games
  • What is the chemical symbol for Einsteinium?
  • Papsweb should bring back Cacked Rib for Match thread duties

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Having seen the failure today of my tried and trusted “lucky Saints cereal bowl/porridge combo” I won’t be standing for election.

Despite a similar experience/age profile of “Twitcher” I think I should stand aside for a younger more blameworthy candidate.


I’m tempted to suggest to no superstition makes any difference to the end result of a match, but that’s fucking bollocks, surely.


We want Gay A back. Give the man time and most importantly invest in him. Disgrace.


I was against his appointment at the time, and took a lot of flack on here for it, but I’m surprised to see the board act so quickly. I couldn’t really see him turning it around though, so I suppose it makes sense. Out of his depth IMO. Hope the new guy has got more Experience.


Fair play who is the new guy? What does he bring to table?


Does he have a slightly offensive name and picture of John Inman :slight_smile:


To be fair to the poster formerly known as Cracked Rib, his new username was voted for by fellow Sotonians. He wasn’t keen, but has adapted gamesomely.


I would like the caretaker position for the Liverpool and Villa game… I just want to take it one match at a time, until the club decide what the best way forward for everyone at the club is. It is not about me, there is the much bigger picture of the future of match threads to think about. I am not throwing my name in the hat for the permanent position, but that would be up to the papsweb board!


If this position isn’t set up for Furbal I don’t know what is. Crowd favourite, In from the cold. Jesus wept - it’s almost Christmas for God’s sake.


Gutted for the boy Abandon. But then, two losses from two matches is as poor a start as can be imagined. Perhaps, given time, he could have turned it around, but with the midweek game against Liverpool coming up, the forum board clearly felt that they had to act.

I think we can all join in wishing Gay Abandon well in the future; who knows, he may find himself a job as match thread starter on another forum.



In his first press interview since he left his position at official match thread starter, Gay Abandon launched into a scathing attack against the papsweb board (the holding company).


‘It’s just plain wrong. I helped them out of a hole after that twat Cracked rib buggered off to those Northern London fuckwits on a promise of a guaranteed weekly 150pts bonus’

‘the board are complete and utter c***s’. Mr Abandon then launched into a series of foul mouth nonsensical expletives aimed at those that, he feels have let his down. we apologise to any of our readers who may find his ‘colourful’ language offensive.

I f***ing can’t f***ing believe these f***ing *rseholes, they are just so f***ing f**k, And another thing. Don’t f**king think they can come running back begging for me to return when whichever back stabbing bastard they employ is just as total bollocks… Well not less I was offered double points and a new 250 point signing on badge that is.’

Athough neither papsweb nor the representatives have yet to officially repond, a source close to the board suggested that papsweb officials ‘must be right f*cked off with what that arse*ole has been spouting in public - glad to get rid of the useless twat I would imagine - is a about time they considered someone with Intrnational experience anyway’

Rubber impression of a bear’s cock

If the board do indeed feel the same as our ‘source’ in the Philippines suggests, then Mr Abandon could be well and truly shafted by something small yet uncomfortable.

We await papsweb official response with interest as this could rumble on. And on…until it is definitely no longer amusing…


I came to papsweb to get away from the knee-jerk reactionaries, FFS.

Give the lad time. He’ll come good.


Well I’ve thought about this whole thing some more, and I’ve come to the conclusion that the removal of the boy Abandon was absolutely correct. After all, if a match thread starter loses twice in a row he (or indeed she) has to be out, surely. Yes, they say you can’t win every game, but I don’t see why the fuck not. Where the fuck is the ambition of this fucking forum? Where are the big-name signings? What the fuck is going on here?

Seems to me this fucking forum is still run like a shitty seaside bed and breakfast. Plus ca fucking change. Fucking. Fucking. Fucking. Fuck.


I demand an official statement form papsweb inc.


I blame Cortese.


I say it’s time to move on…to draw a line under what’s gone before…without malice, recrimination or regret.

We would all, I’m sure have liked to have seen Gay succeed but it was not to be and no campaign for reinstatement is going to paper over the bitter words already said on the manner of his dismissal.

Yes his Papship acted like a petty Napoleon…striding through the corridors of, crushing any opinion seen to run in contravention of his win at all costs attitude. Others have already been sent into exile at his behest but it is only fair to say he still carries the support of his saleried staff.

He does however ride astride the razor blade of public opinion. If his new appointment does not deliver…and deliver quickly, I need not point out too graphicly where the next cut will come.


It was the manner of the defeats, rather than the defeats themselves.

The lad doesn’t inspire. The Steve Wigley of Papsweb.


Harsh :lou_angry:

But funny :lou_lol:


Mr Abandon, if you need any advice re unfair dismissal just let me know. :wink: